HiFi-Tuning German fuses opinion

I want to know if anybody tried and recomend to upgrade standar fuses and move to HIFI Tuning Silver/Gold. Please let me know your opinion and in which components do you really recomend to put them or in which ones you listened the differences.
Althought they are not expensive (for an audio accesories) and donĀ“t want to spend my money for nothing.

Search the archives and you will no doubt stumble upon some useful info concerning the HiFi fuses.
If you want to see if they make a difference in your rig, without investing too much, then I would suggest start with your CDP. I say this because usually it will only take one. Whereas an amp will take multiple.
Just make sure you get the right value fuse.
Hi - this spawned one of the longest threads ever last year - well worth searching the archives for.

That said, IMHO this is one of the no brainer upgrades of all times. I have put these in amps, pres and subs. OK, in my sub it was a waste. Everywhere else the difference is obvious within the first couple of minutes. I would characterize it as another level of ease and refinement - not always subtle but that depends a bit on the pieces.

For the money, its a no-brainer.
Yes, they work, althogh I think they'e overpriced. I bought two for my SET monoblocks and the improvement was so obvious that I bought 3 more for my linestage (uses 2) and phonostage. New clarity and openness were the most aparent benefits.
I use one in my Neiro and one in my M7. I think they allow you to hear a bit more of what your equipment is saying. Inexpensive for the improvement
To get part of the improvement try standard ceramic fusses, they always seem a little better than the glass versions and are sooo much cheaper.
i use them in my preamp and I did notice a difference..slightly smoother sound and slightly darker background. I will be using them in all of my components.
In my system with my previous amp when I changed the fuses in it, I noticed such things as cleaned up soundstage, instruments sounding a bit more clear and distinct. Less of a moosh overall.

If your system is sonically on the analytical side of things already, I would probably recommend against these fuses.

On the scale of things, changing tubes in your sonic frontiers for example, may produce more of an improvement.
Elduende, if you decide to buy a new hi-end fuse try this before installing it.

Remove the current fuse, wipe the tips clean, and re-install it. See if that alone provides some improvement. Then, try the new fuse and see what you hear.

My guess is that in many cases, just cleaning the current fuse contacts accounts for most or all of the improvement. However, since most don't try this two step process, they attribute all of the change mistakenly to the new fuse.
Hmmmmm. yes I have been following this tube-thing and I suppose I will try it and my not-so-audiophile ears might hear the change.

The real test is when the wife comes home and asks 'what did I do, now....' as in when I roll tubes.
Zargon makes good sense. I should have mentioned that in my post, since cleaning up th existing fuse ends got me halfway there and, in fact, suggested that trying a couple of the HiFi Tuning fuses was worth the cost and effort.