HiFi tube equipment repair technician in the Seattle area

Looking for a lead for a knowledgeable and reliable repair technician specializing in HiFi tube equipment in the Pacific Northwest, Seattle area.  I would prefer someone you've personally dealt with and/or someone highly regarded instead of someone's cousin who you've heard of from a third party.  I have some vintage and current equipment that need some TLC.  Appreciate all responses in advance.
I've been having Paul Birkeland, designer from Bottlehead tube kits, do all my work for me. He's worked on a SET 300B amp, on which he adjusted the filament voltage to better match my EML XLS 300B tubes, and also replaced a couple of bad caps. He said pay me $20. I gave him $120.

He then pretty much rebuilt a Chinese SET 845 boat anchor for me, replace all the caps, of which there were a couple dozen (at least), and did other things to improve reliability. Both amps have been working beautifully, and sound incredible despite their humble origins. That job cost $500, and was worth every penny.

I can't recommend Paul enough. He lives in nearby Renton.

About 12 years ago I had the capacitors replaced in my Cary Sli-80 F1 tube integrated at AudioConnection in the University District in Seattle after a capacitor failed. I haven't done business with them since because I moved away but they are dealers for Cary, Rega, Rogue and other high-end gear and did a great job on my amp at a reasonable price. 

Tech at Gig Harbor audio is a tube whiz.

for McIntosh gear, you want Elite Audio Tech Randy Vikan on the Key Penninsula- he has worked wonders on my 1961 MC240 and 1965 MX-110 Z, family heirlooms I trust to very few people...
Jim, you are right regarding Randy Vikan, he's done some work for me on McIntosh, and also on Primare, though that wasn't tube gear.
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