hifi outlet vs stantard outlet

Does anybody have compare standard ac outlet vs hospital grade or hi fi outlet. Y just want to change my outlet but i dont know if a hifi outlet like furuetch or other are better than hospital grade outlet.

my systeme:

nad m3
atoll cd200
canton ergo 695
audioquest ac cable

thank you for your advises
Its little tweaks here and there that will improve the overall sound in a system. If you are expecting this one thing to give you a huge improvement, then you might want to save your money.
It will depend but I think it is worthwhile. I changed to "hospital grade" years ago and removed them when I moved. I had two dedicated lines put into my present house a couple of years ago and installed them. After about a year I switched to FIM ones and noticed a considerable improvement. BUT, this was with the new wire I had installed. I put one in one upstairs with my video system using the original, quite inferior, wiring and couldn't tell a difference from the original outlet. IF I was going to install dedicated lines, and you should if possible, I would use any of the audiophile ones available. With standard wiring it is a harder question.
I have a Oyaide GX (gold plated) outlet and it a little warmer than a standard outlet. I never tried hospital grade. Funny thing is on occasion I do flip back and forth and can't really make up my mind which I prefer. For certain types of music I prefer the Oyaide and for others I prefer the standard (crazy hobby). I have read many good things about the Porter ports. Just haven't gotten around to trying one and for $36 the price is right. Personally I would stay away from Nickel plated outlets.

Like Riley804 mentioned it's the little things that add up.
How much money have you spent in power cables? If that outlet is only about the price of one power cable, then yes. If it is the price of ALL your power cables, then it is way too much.
So, base the cost/benefit on what percentage of 'crazy PC' money already spent.
I have about $1,500 total in power cables now. With another $5,000 (retail) in power conditioners, and "I" would not go 'better' than a Pass&Seymour heavy duty 20 amp duplex outlet in the wall.
Though give me a year and.....
First I have to finish the Teflon A/C wires.. from outlet to Power conditioners, maybe.
I have dedicated circuits (which made a big improvement) and Furutech outlets which continued the improvements. I had P&S which were much better than standard outlets.
P&S does make an "MRI" rated outlet. They contain no ferrous metals. I would try these first.
Albert Porter's Porter Ports are fantastic. The Wattgate Maestro receptacles for more money are also quite good. I've used most of the others and these two are the best I've come across.

However, there are probably quite a few changes for the same money that would make a larger difference.