HiFi on mobile device

Just realize how tech allows me bring the whole universe of music with me with just a tiny iPhone device. Whatever on your NAS server, Hi*LL Tidal Classicsonline, always with you. Don’t remember how long ago put my CD into my HiFi player. Everything has been changed and bettered. On the road, I got bit rate 320kbps because my cellular carrier cap it. At home, I got 2560kbps through my wifi network. And I know my favorite musican get paid for 1c for every streaming. Such a good feeling.
Iphone SE. In car, I connect Iphone to kenwood Indash Deck. On the road, just earphone. At home, I have patch cable connect to Oppo 105, using oppo media app to browse the music and let Oppo to pull music from Tidal directly. For DSD and FLAC fille, I use Foorbar2000 to Oppo USB DAC. That's the best I can do. I hope in the future my cellular carrier to remove the bitrate 320kpbs barrier.