HiFi Man TWS600

I responded to an advertisement here on Audiogon.  About a set of wireless EarPods that are supposed to be "hi-fidelity".   I read the reviews and they were impressive.  They require a 20hr break in period, they say, but within the second wearing, they start "flashing" sound.  The sound stops then starts again about every second.  Plus, it's not like they're just intermittent, but when they go on, it's like all the music that was missed in the last second is compressed and is sped into play so that i'm listening to two seconds of music in that one intermittent second.  very unusual and very annoying.  I've tried e-mailing and calling the HiFi Man but no response.  Anyone familiar with this phenomenon?  Or know how to get a response from this group?
I was planning on giving these to my daughter who is an up and coming audiophile and get a second set for me too, but, at this point it doesn't look promising...

I bought them and have never had any such problem.

Double check that they are charging fully though, the contacts are delicate.

Try multiple sources, like your latop or PC if your phone is not happy.
Hey Erik, what’s your take on the TWS600 from an audiophile perspective?  Compared to airpods? 
I've definitely charged them fully, according to the instructions and the indicator on the charging case.  I was hoping to run them through the break-in period prior to gifting them to my daughter before Christmas.  They sounded just 'ok' out of the box, so the break-in was as much important to me to see if I should get me my own pair.  They played ok for the first 5 hrs, but when I charged them and they reconnected to my music source on my iMac, that's when the intermittent wah-wah's started..... : ( and nothing's changed since then.
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