HIFi in Vancouver, B.C.

I will be visiting Vancouver next week and would like to browse some local hifi shops. Any recommendations would be appreciated.

Try Sound Plus on West Broadway for Arcam, Linn, McIntosh, Krell, Classe, Mirage, Magnaplanar, Revel and a whole host of other equipment.

Another spot is Hi Fi Centre on 578 Seymour in Downtown. They carry B & W, Rega, Rotel, Velodyne.

Last is Commercial Electronics at 1305 Burrard St in Downtown. They have Bryston, Cardas, Copeland, JM Lab, Martin-Logan, PSB and other stuff

Good luck.

Don't forget "The Sound Room" on West 4th, in Vancouver. They have lots of goodies as well. I believe that the Sound Room carries Krell while Sound Plus sells Mark Levinson.
This thread raises an interesting point, namely, the treatment, by dealers, of the traveling audiophile. Over the past 30 years that I've been involved in this hobby, one of the ways I sometimes spend leisure time, when traveling, is to stop in at the local high-end emporiums. When I do so, I identify myself, up front, as someone from out of town who is an audiophile and is just browsing, although I typically end up buying some software to take back home with me. Most of the time, the dealer is very accomodating and is willing to spend time showing me around the store, demonstrating equipment, and just sharing knowledge and experiences in general. On the other hand, occasionally, I'll come across one who essentially says, if I'm not a likely customer for a big budget purchase, they'd prefer if I just left quietly. I'm just wondering what my fellow traveling audiophiles may have experienced. BTW, although I have been to Vancouver, I'm not familiar enough to suggest any of the shops there - sorry.
There's also A&B Sound beside Hi-Fi Centre in downtown Vancouver. This particular A&B Sound carries hi-end products such as Canada's own SimAudio and Gershwin speakers as well as other brands ie: Joseph Audio, Adcom et al. Then there's Signature Audio on Cambie Street which is also close to downtown Vancouver. They carry Wilson Benesch, Meadowlark, audiophile cd's, among other brands....Happy browsing!!
I was there for 28 years, and dealt with Commercial Electronics, Sound Plus and The Sound Room. If you don't have time for all, I'd stick to the last two. I think these three are a cut above the rest that others mention, at least in having a knowledgeable sales staff. Have fun!