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Hey everyone - I remember reading a thread here about never seeing high-end audio in movies (as props etc.) but I can't find it now. Anyway, I just got back from seeing Scorsese's "The Departed" and Matt Damon's girlfriend uses his full McIntosh system in one of the scenes, and it's a 2-channel rig! I didn't see any speakers but the MR85, MA6500 and one of their cd players are in full close-up view. I suppose Mc paid for that...but it is the first time I have ever seen anything like that in a movie. Have you seen nice gear in any other movies before?

"Diva". All the newest and best Nakamichi, Studer/Revox of the era. Very nice system.
I believe Diva featured Nagra equipment as the most coveted... Specifically a battery powered R2R deck that he smuggled into the opera to make a recording. I don't remember seeing any microphones though!
In the first Laura Croft "Tomb Raider" movie ... Laura's preference in vinyl is a Clearaudio Master Ref.

You can see it in the scene where she is working out and her Mansion is attacked.

In the movie "What Women Want" (I think that's the name of the movie) with Helen Hunt and Mel Gibson, Mel has a pair of Revel monitors ... not sure what model, but they had that curved speaker grill
Aruthur,check out the clubhouse scene in Stepford wives. HT rig with pair of mc1201's and mc2000 behind the bar. Jack Nicholson also has a nice Mcintosh rig in As good as it gets.
In As Good As It Gets, There is a few scenes where Jack Nickelson is in his apartment and has a nice McIntosh set-up in the background, I believe it is the Mc-300 amp with maybe Avalons? Thanks!
I believe Malcolm McDowell enjoys Ludwig Von on a Michell Gyrodeck in Clockwork Orange between predations with Dim & Dum.
I am, admittedly, not a movie buff but have actually seen two of the ones mentioned - As Good As It Gets and Stepford Wives. I did noticed the Mcs in the latter one but had forgotten about it. I will check the others out. I am always looking for reasons to pick out a certain title. Thanks
"Love Potion #9"

The "chemical boy" hero has Krell electronics, ProAc speakers and an Oracle turntable.

Well, he has them for a while...
In "Indecent Proposal", the wealthy Robert Redford character drops the needle on a VPI TNT. The film's second most sensual scene.
Good for Mac.Now thats product placement to the max,that film will be seen by a ton of people,and will pay for the cost of the ad easy,and i wouldnt doubt for a minute that ol Marty has a Mac system of his own and let Mac in for free,which would be even cooler.C.mom Marty what do you listen to.
I am pretty sure that we saw B&O gear get destroyed by Clark W. Griswold's antics, in Nat'l Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
Martin Logan (Aerius?) speakers in the party scene at Peter Fonda's cliffside house in The Limey.
We never see them, but in the Italian Job, the first thing one of the guys is going to buy with his share of the money, is "the big Martin-Logans, so he can turn them up loud & blow the girls clothes off".
Deviating to TV: in 'Friends' reruns, once saw a glimpse of Martin-Login Prodigies or B&W 803's in Joey & Chandler's apt.
The original version of the Departed, Infernal Affairs, had the main characters, Ming (=Sullivan in Departed) & Yan (=Costigan in Departed), met as prospective buyer & seller in a hi-end store in HK as the opening scene. Sexy tube gears. They sat down and compared cables (ha!). Andy Lau's character also had a hi-end setup at home.
Bad cop & undercover cop = audiophiles.
Hi Arthur: Just got back from seeing the Departed (Great Movie) and I noticed the Mcintosh set-up too. Nice set-up. (McIntosh MVP-861, I think it was a 6900 Integrated and a MR85) Probably would make an interesting forum: Best Looking Gear, but I am sure it's already on here somewhere. I personally think McIntosh makes the best looking components and probably one of the reasons why McIntosh has stayed in business for 50 plus years. Those wonderful blue lights. lol
If we want to degenerate to TV, one episode of Smallville prominently displayed some electrostats (I think they were Sound Labs) at Lex Luther's mansion/castle. If I remember correctly they did some wild back lighting of the speakers. I think Lex's evil half-brother may have temporarily taken up residence. Lex just does not have that kind of cool.
Infinity RS-1b's in the Bobcat Goldwaith movie "Hot To Trot". JBL 4311's in the background of the basement scenes in Fox's "That 70's Show". And let's not forget the tape recorder in the background of the old Dean Martin Show.
I finally saw "The Departed" on cable while on a business trip. The movie is based on a Hong Kong flick "Infernal Affairs". Whoever wrote the script for "The Departed" had kept the original story pretty much intact. But the high-fi reference in "Infernal Affairs" is much better. Matt Daemon's character actually had an all tube amplification and a beautiful two-channel setup dominating his living room. When he first moved into his new apartment with his girlfriend (not the psychiatrist, they were two different people in the original flick), he immediately set up the new system he had just purchased and put on a female vocal track to enjoy, even before all other boxes were unpacked.

In one of the earlier scenes, DeCaprio's character went into an audio store and hassled with the store owner to let him borrow some expensive cables to try. And the store owner complained and moaned about it. He then asked DeCaprio's character to watch the store for him while he went out to run some errants. DeCaprio's character then went behind the speakers in the demo room to fix something. At that moment, Daemon's character walked in to try to audition some speakers. They listened to something, and then DeCaprio's character switched the cables, and they both went "ah!" and agreed the new cables sounded better. DeCaprio's character then told Daemon's character to go down the street to another store where he would be able to get a better deal on the same speakers by mentioning DeCaprio's character's name. At that moment, the store manager guy came back and yelled at DeCaprio's character for sending his customer/business to another store.

The Hong Kong film has a different ending, Nicholas' character didn't die. So sequal #2 and #3 came out later. And you find out that the boss' wife owns the Hi-End Audio Store. There were a few scenes shot in the store listening room. And she mentioned that something about these foolish rich people dig tubes.

You see high-end products as props in Asian TV shows quite often. I recently saw a pair of Watt Puppy 7s in one TV drama series, and B&W Natilus 802s paired w/ all Classe equipment in another.

I've also seen a Nagra recorder in one of the movies recently but I can't remember which one.

So. Cal. Hi end audio dealer Brooks Berdan of Brooks Berdan Ltd. has set up numerous systems for TV and movies over the years, including Indecent Proposal .
In the movie Broken Flowers, Bill Murray's character has NHT speakers in his home theater setup.
I saw a Clearaudio master reference on a Clearaudio Montblanc stand. I have the same stand, so I really jumped out of my chair when I saw that. The movie was good too.
I thought I posted Stealth in the subject, but the movie was Stealth....