HiFi audio Fuse on a CD Transport

Would it be a great improvement if I replace the fuse on my "CD Transport" by a Audio HiFi Fuse.  I experienced a good result with amplifier ?


I use four Synergistic Research Purple fuses in my system and the effects are cumulative. The fuse in my transport is not accessible or I would upgrade it as well. 

Naim Supernait 3, Naim nDAC, Teddy Pardo XPS power supply and Teddy Pardo TeddyCap SE. 


I'm not sure it would be a 'great improvement.' You would hope it was noticeable, and the change was something you liked.

Have SR Purple in my Dac and Amp. Linear power supplies have AMR Gold. I'm upgrading the power supplies, and will use probably use some old SR fuses or get HiFi Tuning Supreme.

nutty,  I just experiment the same as you, I found that the "audiphile fuse" made a good improvement on my integrated amp.  But in my Transport, the effect is "even better", as you mentionned, the effect is "cumulative".  Very happy with the result, thank you.