Hiding Tube Traps???

I'd like to add tube traps to the corners of my room. However, due to a low WAF and a pair of long-clawed cats I'd like to hide them behind some decorative screens. The screens are basically a tri-fold wood frame with a thin layer of cotton stretched over them. Since the screens would have minimal effect on the bass in the room, I suspect that having them in front of the traps wouldn't significantly reduce their effectiveness. Any comments or suggestions as to how to hide the traps?
What will the cats do to the screens? We have been slowly switching our upholstered fabric furniture to leather as I find leather with pin point holes and light abrasions more attractive than shredded fabric. We have five cats and because of this I have never considered the small maganapans which would be similar to the screens that you describe.
Dekay, the screens are already in the room and they don't seem interested. However, one has to admit that TubeTraps look suspiciously like large scratching posts.
Yes they do and you have well behaved cats.
I agree, if the cats are ignoring the screens, then either the thought of scratching them has not entered into their feline conciousness or they are remarkably well behaved. My two cats have shredded the grill socks on my Paradigm Esprits, but fortunately seem totally uninterested in my electrostats :). Back to the question at hand- if the screens are truly "bass transparent" then I would think they would make excellent tube trap disguises. One word of caution though: if the cats find themselves suddenly unable to go someplace that is normally accessible they may become curious...
There's a pump spray available from PetSmart (dunno the name brand, my wife bought it recently) that has a scent which discourages the cats but doesn't bother our less-sensitive human noses. It's a nontoxic organic concoction for furniture, carpets, & you can even put it on your plants. Should keep the cats away, but of course this won't help the WAF thing. However once she hears the improvement she may not be so opposed to the traps' appearance?
Other questions are: Is the fabric really acoustically transparent and how much of a difference does it make on the low frequencies? I would also assume that the tube traps do effect other frequencies as well and if this is the case then the "transparent" quality of the fabric would make even more of a difference in the whole picture. There was talk of acoustically transparent fabric in another thread a while ago but not much information was surfaced. Sorry, no answers but hopefully these are good questions to ponder. I wonder what a designer from the company (Tube Trap) would have to say about this type of installation? Also what are the titles of some of the acoustical engineering reference guides (bibles) that have been mentioned before in other threads and is any of this info available on the net as well?