HiDiamond Speaker Cables

Does anyone have experience with the upper end of HiDiamond speakers cables? I'm looking into the HD 7 or HD 8. After recently becomming a believer of their power cables I'm thinking of taking a plunge to their speaker cables to match.
I have the top HD speaker cables. They are excellent.
Yawn and double yawn
Stevepo, I have HD 7 coming and will be in my system in the next week or so. I will be able to compare them to my MIT M1 and my Synergistic Research Galileo Cells. The Synergistic beat the MIT by a large margin. If the HD7 beats out the Synergistic by a large margin that will be impressive. I do not expect that. I am hoping for a small improvement, if at all. AS the HD7 is less money even if it equals that is an improvement of sorts. Though the Galileo Cells are not speaker wire in themselves so it is not an apple to apple comparison.

I will post my initial impressions ASAP.
Glory, are you having a bad day or just prone to boorishness?
I have the HD 8 speaker cable and it is pretty amazing. Incredibly solid, very thick gauge, and the rhodium locking connectors are truly high end. spectacular sounding!!!!
I have done some experimenting with this. I have the HD H8 speaker cables. I tried to take the SR speaker cells out but they went back in fast. On the other hand, I took the SR interconnect cells out and there was an improvement in the sound. I run cables in series.
I would love to try these. Not in the budget at the moment, and I'm really happy with the Zu Ibis currently in the system. I just have trouble imagining things sounding better than it does now, I am really incredibly happy with the sound. But the changes I experienced with the HD ICs and Digital were so incredibly profound it makes me wonder.

The two things "missing" are a tad of detail and a bit of bass tightness.

I realized the bass thing when swapping in a friend's DAC recently, the bass went a bit lower and tightened up a bit, but at the expense of organic-ness elsewhere (so I wouldn't trade DACs out as overall I liked mine a lot better). So I don't think speaker cables will help with that piece. Maybe with the detail/resolution though.
@Joncourage, there is a used pair of HD7's on the Gon from Wig. maybe try those...
Hifial: Did you get your HD7's yet? Curious on your thoughts.

Bacardi/Sabai: I would love to know your description of the the HD8's sound. For me, I found the power cables gave a unique feel of musical emotion to the recordings that I was never aware was even present. I'm wondering if the SC's would further amplify that. I really wish they offered some kind of money back guarantee, at least of their higher priced items. Would make life a lot easier.
The HD8's give the same "being-there" feeling that all HiDiamonds do in my system. But I enhance the effect by running all my cables in series so my system is a-typical.
Sabai: What do you mean by "running all your cables in series". Meaning you have the full loom?
I run cables from Bybee, Cardas and SR in series with HiDiamond cables. The results are superior with cabling in series vs. using cables singly. I also splice Bybee purifiers into the mix. This is rather complicated and expensive -- and I am met with a blank stare. But I don't care. I know what works. I have really good hearing. I would never be able to go back to single cables.

I think single cabling is the biggest game that is played in the cable industry. Makers and users are forever looking for the holy grail in a single cable. The search is endless it is the basis of the cable industry. But I have never found a holy grail in a single cable.

It is the synergy between 2 special cables that is the secret of sonic superiority -- in my system. This flies in the face of all commonly accepted norms including a short signal path. But there are many things in life that work that fly in the face of commonly accepted norms. When we find these special things there is no going back.
For instance: I run speaker cables in series -- Cardas and HiDiamond. But I splice them into SR speaker cells in series with Bybee GG speaker bullets. If I try to take out the speaker cells they go back in fast -- unlike the SR interconnect cells that were sold off. Running cables and "tweaks" in series is trial and error. It has taken me 7 years to figure this out and it is still a work in progress. When you find combinations that work there is no going back. The ears tell all -- defying all the audio theories.
Sabai, I think you've completely lost your mind with that "series" idea but at the same time I love it. It intrigues me. It kind of sounds like mixing colors of paint to make a different color altogether.

Let me ask this then, if someone robbed your house tomorrow and left only one strand of wire left on your speakers, which would you consider the most crucial, the HiDiamond or Cardas?

Also, what Cardas are you running in series with it and what would you say is the sonic impact of it's addition to the chain?
Almost everyone else thinks so too. Who cares. They have no idea because they have no experience with it -- only opinions. Exactly -- it's like mixing colors. Except in this case it is mixing the best of 2 cables and getting something better than what either one can offer when used alone.

I run Cardas Golden Cross in series with HiDiamond speaker cables -- spliced with SR power cells, Bybee speakers filters and Bybee speaker bullets. Beats any single speaker cable, hands down.

The Bybees are the essentials in my system -- power cords, purifiers too numerous to mention, speaker bullets, and Stealth.
Sabai..take a pic of your speaker cable set up ..it would be interesting to see..

I had to wait for some equipment before I could spend some time listening to me system.
I have two HD3 power cable, one HD1 XLR and two HD7 speaker cables. Also two Triode Wire Labs TenPlus power Cables.

The TWL cables are on my PS Audio PW MKII DAC and Transport.

The two HD3 are on my Veritas mono blocks (they come with the TWL cables).

The HD1 is between the DAC and amps.

The pair of HD7 are between the amps and my B&W 802D speakers in a bi-amp configuration.

All connected to a Synergistic PowerCell 10SE MKII.

First hats off to TWL. I tried them on the amps and the PSA stuff and must say anyone looking for a upgrade at a lower price point can not go wrong. This is the one to buy if that is your budget.

Now I have just started to listen so I will need more time to give my full thoughts but I will give a first impression.

So far I like! The first thing that comes to mind is how holographic they are. But not just the performers and the sound stage. You can hear (feel) the hall or room it seems. There have been times that I can hear into the venue. Now again this is early and I need to have more time to confirm.
They almost have an analog like way but are very detailed to. At times I think they may be dark but then I hear all this detail and transparency so then they can not be dark.
Also there is an emotion that comes through at times.

But my DAC is still breaking-in so I am waiting to see how things progress from here.
I have pics. How do I upload them?
I would love to see a pic of how that looks too.

Also, you never answered the question of if you would opt for the HiDiamond or Cardas if forced to pick one. Additionally, I would be very curious to know your sonic observations of adding the Cardas to the combo.

With that said, seeing as how your setup seems to mainly consist of gear I was aiming at upgrading to, would you entertain a request of breaking down the list of your power + speaker hookup equipment in order of biggest to smallest impact? I am looking to order some HD8 speaker cables since my current ones are my weakest link at the moment. I have HD3 PC's and HD interconnects but no power filtering at this time (recently took mine out of the chain after noticing that it was killing dynamics). So basically, I'm starting from a very simple foundation.
Now all you need to do is replace your Powercell tuning box with a PS Audio p-10 power regenerator and you will hear what your system REALLY is capable of. I'm not kidding. Its what I did and I was amazed at how much more realistic my system sounded. In addition, the noise floor dropped considerably and my soundstage got wider and deeper. Plus, your system will be protected from power surges, etc., as the Powercell protects nothing.

Just a thought.....
I agree. A power regenerator makes a huge difference. If you put an isolation transformer in front of it you will hear an even bigger improvement in SQ.
Sabai..create a 'System' list ..as i and other members have done...there is a place to upload pictures there so others can see your system and , in this case, your cables..
Thanks for the suggestion. Once I put the finishing touches to my system I intend to do that.
I just had a look at your system. Do you still have your EMM?
@Fplanner2000, I pleasantly got rid of my S.R Powercell 10SE and now researching the PS Audio P5. I have an Integrated tube, Oppo 95, HD P3 to my subwoofer and a QLS 6 with an HD P3 to a Teslaplex SE(wall). Would the PS Audio P5 be enough for my whole system? What are the differences from the P10 to P5- just two more outlets?
B- P5 would probably be enough, but a P-10 would be better. I think its better made than the p-5 and its also much quieter since it doesn't use an internal fan, due to its heatsinks. With the P-10 you will also have more headroom which is important to system dynamics as well as future expansion. Those extra outlets are "hi-power" outlets, not just regular ones.

With my system, I discovered at IDLE each side was drawing between 500-550 watts. I have 1 P-10 for each side and not only did the system get quieter due to reduced THD (from .4% in to .02% out) but micro-details as well as dynamics actually improved.

I would get the p-10 - no question. You might then be able to lose the QLS 6. In addition, the real world price difference is not as large as you might think between it and the p-5, especially if you contact my buddy Walter at Underwood HiFi and tell him I sent you. I've bought 4 of them from him and have had no problems whatsoever. I've also discovered the HD pcs play really well together with the P-10's.

Good luck.

Bacardi...i can second the P-10..mine is the superb in my system..
Thanx for the help guys. I will look forward to which one i decide on. Have any of you tried an HD power 3 or 4 on the PS Audio P-10 and what were the differences from the factory cord?
So I bit the bullet and went for the HD8's. They arrived on Friday. I'm at around 48hrs of burn in so far. Can anyone give some feedback on what to expect from further burn in time? I'm told these need a good 500hrs which seems a little excessive.
B- depends on how resolving your system is. The answer to your question is exactly what you would think it would be. Again, all systems are different. I now have p-4s from the wall to the P-10s and from the P-10s to the amps. Better than p-3s and much better than stock cord, which is still better than most other stock cords I've heard. P-4 is audibly quieter in my system. P-10 is audibly quieter than P-5 in my system.

Stevepo - curious to hear how you like the HD8's. What are they replacing and what are your speakers?

The HD's sounds good right out of the box but will improve
substantially up to and over the 500 hr mark.
I'd say my ic's noticeably hit their stride at around 400 hours. Seems like a lot but one day I turned on my system and sort of went, "ahhhhh". I feel like they hit a plateau somewhere between 100-200 hours then Bam! at about 400.
I have terminated my P3s with Oyaide M1 plugs and F1 IECs and the difference is night and day. Expensive but worth every cent.
Stevepo I wish it weren't so but 500hrs is about right. I'am also burning in a set of HD8 as well as a P4. Only at 120hrs. But I have a few P3 and they needed all of 300hrs before they setteled down,and they continued to improve thru 500+.
The HD8 is a larger cable than the P3 so burn in time will probably be all of 500hrs.A lot of hrs.but what I am finding with the Hidiamonds its well worth the wait.
Fplanner, I am reserving any commentary on the D8's until they at least reach the 100hr mark which should be by tomorrow night.
I have the HiDiamond H6 biwire cables and they seem great but only 50 hours on them. Can I really expect significant improvement from here?
No problem - I am curious what cables they are replacing and what speakers you are using, regardless of how you like the D8's
Fplanner, I wish I had gear that you could use as a better point of reference but none of my equipment is of the same caliber as what you are likely accustomed to.

My system consists of the following:
-Anthem MRX-700 receiver
-Goldenear Triton Two speakers
-Source of all content: HTPC
-HD P3 power cords to receiver and HTPC
-HD "BIG" reference HDMI as signal IC
-Mogami 3104 star quad speaker cables, non terminated (I also have a pair of demo Audio Sensibility Testament cables I've been auditioning).

I currenly have no power conditioning whatsoever or fancy AC outlet which is the next "step" I intend to take for my system. I just ordered a Furu GTX-D today.

If you're not familiar with the speakers, I suggest you read the review from Stereophile. Everything they say about them is true. Particularly the fact that dealers typically hook them up to cheaper equipment due to the low speaker price tag which is a huge mistake; they can continue to deliver well into the $10k speaker range with proper equipment behind it. Hence, buying the D8's which cost the same as the speakers themselves.

My review of the speaker cable will follow shortly.
I am selling my barely used 4 meter "special order" Diamond 3 power cord which has been replaced by a 3 meter Diamond 4 power cord, as it no longer fits my system.
I am gratified that some members are so conscientious that they go to the trouble of keeping track of fellow members' inventories and that they make periodic announcements of inventory changes to keep other members duly informed. It is remarkable that they are so diligent in this regard. Unfortunately, some inventory control officers make an occasional slip by failing to note when determining that fellow members are upgrading. This is no problem because a special file can be created to keep track of upgrades as well as normal inventory changes with a flag link to facilitate inventory control updates.

1. Too bad you still choose not to get my ID right. I note that you don't have a problem with the ID of other posters. Too bad you have not learned your lesson yet.

2. You had better declare if you are in the industry. It is quite obvious that you have a very large ax to grind -- and are grinding it very hard here. We need to see your clear disclosure.

3. Did you bother to read my earlier post regarding upgrading? If you did, did you understand what I said?

4. Your over-concern about my system is not casual -- obviously. Only someone in the industry with a strong agenda and lacking audio maturity would go to the trouble of ambulance chasing on forums -- as you do here.