HiDiamond P4 PC vs Nordost Valhalla PC

I am thinking of upgrading my main "from the wall" PC to Audience 6st power conditioner. Right now I use a Nordost Valhalla, which replaced an Elrod Statement (too unwield). The Valhalla is first rate, to my ears.

Would you consider a HiDiamond P4 be a step up from Valhalla, or a lateral step? Yes, I understand it is subjective, but only to as point.


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If you are referring to the older Valhalla pc as opposed to the newer V2 version, the HiDiamond P4 offers far more density and extension from bottom to top. This is a significant upgrade. If you're using the V2, the gap is much narrower, more a matter of personal preference. The V2 offers a richer presentation than its predecessor but the HiDiamond to my ears is its equal and again has a density that's self evident.
Thanks, Frontier1. I have the original Valhalla. You have cogently answered my question. Refreshing.

So Neal, are you going for a P4?
I might, if I see a used one for an attractive price.

In the meantime, I have ordered a new LessLoss DFPC Reference. If it is a significant step up from the Sig, it should be exceptional. Have been a big LessLoss fan. Will report after receipt and burn-in. Thx.

Neal, You've gotta get a P4. I have tried so many power cords, and the HiDiamond P4 really is special.

When I see one at the right price, I likely will jump on it. I let one go by last week, unfortunately. They don't come up very often. In the meantime, I am not really suffering with the Valhalla! I have 2 in my system, along with a LessLoss Sig and a few old Elrod Sigs (fab for digital).


I third the HD P4. I've tried a lot of cords too and the Hidiamond is really a phenomenal power cord. Extremely well made with a thick gauge and carbon fiber connectors. The sounds of this cord is what it's all about. It is extremely quiet with a wide/deep soundstage. It lets the music just flow without adding or taking out anything. Very cohesive and clean, never forward or layed back. The 3dimensional soundstage it gives is just amazing.

My cable merry-go-round ends with HD. In very simple words.....you no longer listen to your cords or your system, you'll just sit back and listen to the music.......that's what you will do when done correctly. Period.....