HiDiamond 8 speaker cables

Hi,Im leaning towards these speaker cables.They seem to be quite a fair price to performance ,20 percent off and free delivery with wholesale distributors.Theres a few write ups on them.Can you give me some insight into them,,thanks
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As the North American distributor for HiDiamond Cables we will be offering a 25% discount on all HiDiamond cables from Nov 25th to the 29th. This is a one time offer and as of Dec 7th all HiDiamond cables will have an additional 10% price increase on all current retail pricing due to the rise in the Euro dollar. All adjusted pricing will be on our new Worldwide Wholesales website as of Dec 7th. Please contact us for the discounted pricing or any questions through our info at worldwide wholesales email address. All sales after Dec 6 2014 will be done through our new E-commerce website and a few select stores across North America. All shipping and Paypal fees are paid by Worldwide Wholesales. Limited quantities.