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ok guys and gals can you hide equipment behind doors of a cabinet and still control with remote...there was a company called leapfrog at one time that allowed that....thanks goood listening a viewing
if your talking about leaving it behind a closed wooden door then i would say no but if the door is glass then it will work.
To keep peace in the family,my electronics are in a cabinet and my uni remote does not go through the wood.

I don't know the answer to your question.
You can invest in an IR repeater if the gear is behind non-translucent material, otherwise you'll have to play around and see.
I build custom furniture for a hobby, I've used this product, it works well. It may be what you're looking for: http://www.rockler.com/product.cfm?page=2264&filter=23320
Simple add an infrared repeater system; which consists of an "eye" on the outside of the cabinet, a distribution device, a power supply and an emitter for each remote component.

You can see such a kit at this link (cut & paste):


I have a Salamander Designs cabinet with perforated metal doors, and my remote works fine.
I use a Radio Shack remote extender. It has a small (2 inch triangle) that picks up the signal and relays it to a small emitter that sits next to my preamp. It works great, but I only use it for my remote volume control, so I'm not sure what other commands it will pass on.
My Sony Direct TV reciever has a remote that communicates by both IR and RF. The RF feature allows you to control the receiver from a second TV in another room. (The on-screen display of the Sony tells you what is going on).

I think I saw an ad for a RF control which can be used with the usual IR control. I guess it picks up the IR from the remote and converts it to a RF signal. Then, a RF receiver picks up the signal and outputs IR to the receiver (or whatever you are controling).
Niles and Xantech make IR systems which would allow you to rig your system to operate with the remote anywhere in the house.
thanks Ncarv
thanks to everyone very helpful and plenty to look at and food for thought...thanks you goner's are the best
For my HT system, my Marantz remote uses radiofrequency (RF) to control the electronics. Thus they are all in a closed-door cabinet, separate and adjacent to the viewing and listening area. I like this arrangement of having the gear (except for the TV and speakers obviously) out of sight. There are other remotes that use IR or RF that work just as well.
Studio Tech also has nice cabinents similar to the Salamander and to my eyes and pocket book a very good value. Top notch quality and heavy duty.
I use Xantech stuff with perfect results. Highly recommended and a lot of it can be found on eBay. Their RF blasters keep you from having to wire a silly little emitter to each component. I also now use a RF remote from Universal Remote. They are easily programmable from a computer.


Good Luck.
I have been hearing about the Xantech solution for some time with lots of good reviews.