Hidden Gems in Pre-Owned Solid State Power Amplifiers?

Browse the listings for power amplifiers (e.g. under $5K) and you notice a myriad of Classe, Parasound, Bryston, older McIntosh and Mark Levinson and lots of Pass Labs.
So many in fact that you wonder why.
What are the true audiophile gems in the pre-owned solid state market? Thanks in advance.
I have a 22 year old Bryston 3BST driving Vandersteen 3ASig!! Love it. An ARC 150.2 with Maggie 1.6. Love it
PSE Studio IV with Tekton D.I.'s . Love it (Older than Bryston!)

Just had my Counterpoint Solid 1A serviced. Will try with Tektons. Mosfet vs. Bipolar. Think it will be different . Not sure if better. May be a sideways move. ALL of these amps have a wonderful synergy with the speakers they're mated with.
crown K2, or K1 its not for every sauce but matched right synergy can be obtained with "little" money.
here is a video of my gear done by Thomas,
Great looking system. Always been curious about "pro"amps like crown. Seems like lots of bang for the buck!

Hi Avanti1960,

Right now there is a Pass Labs XA30.8 stereo class "A" amp that is for sale (not mine) that I also have used for the last five years that is, in my opinion, an absolute giant killer. I have owned too many other amps to list here but this thing will drive just about any speaker on the planet (don't let the 30 wpc fool you) and is always supremely musical. He wants a pretty reasonable price for it also. If it's not very old I would jump on it. Good luck.

Digital Amp Co - any of their Cherry amps. Not many used, but if you see one, snap it up!