Hidden Gems in Pre-Owned Solid State Power Amplifiers?

Browse the listings for power amplifiers (e.g. under $5K) and you notice a myriad of Classe, Parasound, Bryston, older McIntosh and Mark Levinson and lots of Pass Labs.
So many in fact that you wonder why.
What are the true audiophile gems in the pre-owned solid state market? Thanks in advance.
The truth of the matter is, there are many great brands out there these days that can be had for cheap.

The trick is, to get something that has good synergy with your speakers, easier said than done.
There is so much to choose from.
  I was watching a,pair of Pass Labs monos, and the McCormack monos (which I ended up getting for a way good price (wife selling em in a divorce) I was pleased, which is why I popped for these instead of the Pass amps, the Pass looked better, yes, I’ve never gone less than gobs of power in past 15 or so years.

 I’m happy with them, would I be happier w the Pass amps, don’t know, myabe aesthetically , sound , who knows, I know I doubled my power buying the McCormack monos.

either way you can’t lose with mnay of these wicked deals one can find on here.   Look, research, read, read a lot, as I did!

absolutely,,no regrets on. My decision.

 Buy, warm, listen, if it’s not your liking, sell them, try another pair, that’s the fun, most of the time you will break even or gain a little coin on reselling them, or maybe lose a hundo, 

enjoy the search!

i enjoy just looking, never know maybe I’ll come across some thing I really want.
I have a 22 year old Bryston 3BST driving Vandersteen 3ASig!! Love it. An ARC 150.2 with Maggie 1.6. Love it
PSE Studio IV with Tekton D.I.'s . Love it (Older than Bryston!)

Just had my Counterpoint Solid 1A serviced. Will try with Tektons. Mosfet vs. Bipolar. Think it will be different . Not sure if better. May be a sideways move. ALL of these amps have a wonderful synergy with the speakers they're mated with.
crown K2, or K1 its not for every sauce but matched right synergy can be obtained with "little" money.
here is a video of my gear done by Thomas,
Great looking system. Always been curious about "pro"amps like crown. Seems like lots of bang for the buck!