Hickok TV-7/U owners

Greetings, I was wondering if anyone who owns this tester has the test data for a KT88 (6550) and a EL84 (6bq5) tube? I just acquired the tester today and the data supplied doesn't have these tubes listed. Thanks in advance.
What I have for the KT88 is:

6.3 HS5-3481 12 0 D 3 44

If that doesn't make sense let me know and I'll label the numbers. I don't have the settings for an EL84.
Makes sense, thanks a lot. I am fairly new to tube testers. I noticed you have 0 for the shunt setting. Is that the number specified or is that where it should be set when there is no number specified? I see there are a lot of tubes in my manual with a blank for shunt setting.
You can find TV-7 data online at the following site:
Nolan Lee's TV-7 page

Here are the settings for a 7189 based on the data from that page:

7189 6.3 EV2-7930 10 - D3 46

6bq5 is: 6.3 EV2-7930 30 C (press 3/minimum 50).

But, best to wait for someone to confirm the settings.
Yes the shunt setting is actually -. I assume it would be best to set it at 0 although it could mean that the shunt is irrelevant. I guess you could test it by trying different settings and see if it changes the tube's readings. I'd gradually turn up the shunt setting if you do try it. It's always a drag when something blows up.

6.3 HS5-3481 12 0 D 3 44

What range have you guys found your KT88's to be in

I just ran a test on my quad  68-66-66-76