Hibachi-II Mono Block Ampifiers

I am wondering if anyone has had experience with these and what you can tell me about them. I am considering them to run my main speakers in a HT/2 Chanel setup. My receiver is a onkyo tx-sr-806 and the mains are Axiom audio M 60's.Would they be a step up in sound quality from the Onkyo's internal amp or just a side step.
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I know nothing about them but a quick glance and overall thought

Receivers suck, they just do, You go into any decently built/designed 2CH amp and it will smoke a receiver in everyway whatsoever.

Buy it youll be very happy, Depending on price you might to be able to do better for the same price
I apologize I dont mean receivers suck, I meant that in retrospect.

A Monoblock amplifier having a independent power supply and chassis as well as being built just for one job will allow them to out perform most integrated units
thanks that kind of what i was thinking
There pretty and will definetly have be easy on WAF.

How much do they want for them?

I dont know what you listen to or how important decor is.

But you might do best going with a highend integrated amp and bypassing the reciever. I owned a Pathos Classic One Integrated Amp and it was great (My girl loved it) It only has 80 watts a channel but you could always get another one later and biamp them. I hear really good things about the Conrad Johnson CAV-50 If you could settle for less power.

Lots of options out there but I think if you skipped the receiver and went dedicated 2 channel with a theater bypass you would probably be happiest. But thats just my humble opinion, sorry i wish I thought of that yesterday

Lots of luck to you Toby
Do lots of research on whichever unit you choose. I have to say though that little pathos had some balls, you wouldnt think it but it powered my B&W Matrix 804's without issue, If you wait a while im sure you can find one for less than a grand. I just was thinking fondly of that unit. I didnt want to buy it, I needed WAF. It worked out great, I wouldnt have sold it if I didnt take a hit in the economy.
Ok it doesnt have a theater bypass, I think you could use an Speaker cable switcher between the two and make it work, sorry to go on but I just wanted to help out.