HI, VPI Classic 4 is it a great upgrade from 1

i have the classic 1 for almost 2 years+, thinking of getting the classic 4, right now i have dynavector xv-1s which i enjoyed. So will Classic 4 bring much more.
thanks a wait your comment.
The first question you need to ask yourself is whether or not you need a table capable of having two separate tonearms. If not, go for the Classic 3 which is a substantial upgrade from the Classic 1.
Wait for the Classic XII.......

I have Classic 3 and have owned the classic 1.
I confirm Brf's comment: it is a substantial upgrade both in look and sound.
Classic 3 cannot mount the 12.7"tonearm. Classic 4 have bigger table.
The Classic 3 can be customed ordered to accomodate a 12.7 arm.
No my dealer said cannot, so i will go for classic 4, bigger table, i keep my ring, clamp, i have SDS too.
The price $6000 to $8000.00 trade in Classic 1. i like the bigger table- read the classic 4 vs clearaudio by Roy

Your dealer is misinformed, call VPI directly for clarification as the Classic 3 with a 12.7 is not a "standard" offering. My local dealer has ordered this combo for a couple of their customers.

I agree that a Classic 4 with only 1 arm would be a better option for the 12.7 arm as the Classic 4's larger foot print will balance the look of the longer arm.
My recommendation is get the Classic 3, save the extra money and get a good linear tonearm.
With this combo your table will become really terrific.

I have this on my system and sincerely it is very outstanding.
If you are close to my area you can come in and listen to it for yourself.
That is a great suggestion: Classic 3 plus a linear tonearm like the Bergmann Magne.