Hi Sensitivity Speakers for SE Triodes

I'm looking for speakers which mate well with SE Triode amps. I'd like the speakers to be reference quality; however, I'm not willing to spend over $6000 (used) or around $8000 (new). I'm currently using Avalon Eclipse speakers which I love, but they are too insensitive and difficult to drive (86dB sensitive, 6ohm nom, 5.5ohm min, but fairly complex phase angle) for experimentation with SE triodes. I listen to orchestral, jazz, blues, and some rock/pop so the speakers need to be fairly sensitive to mate with Cary 805C's or some of the 15-20 watt SE Triodes I'm considering. Thanks,
Check out Soliloquy...http://solspeak.com/ I have Soliloquy 5.3's, which until recently were their largest model. I am using Cary 300sei and 2A3 amps. I also have in the same room Mangnepan 1.6's and B&W' CDM SE-1. The Soliloquys were designed specifically for SET amps and have great balance and imaging and good bass ( I do not use my sub with them) The new model (6.3 maybe) is larger yet. I have seen it, but not had it in my listening room. The 5.3's are only $2000, they are rated class B by Stereophile. Not sure of price on the new larger model, but believe it is between $2500-$3000. Have not seen any reviews yet. Fit and finish (most exotic finishes, I have a pair made in special order black ash) are second to nothing in the industry, at any price. They also have the absolute best spiking system I have ever seen. I would recommend you audition for sure before making any buying decision.
I suppose it depends on the power of the SE amp you end up with but if you want to use less than 10 watts consider the Kochel at 97db sens. Never seen a used pair for sale tho. See [email protected]
I'm considering SE Triodes from 10 watts to the 50 watt Cary 805C. Lshreve, can you use a 2A3 SET on the Soliloquy's? They're only 90dB sensitive, although 8ohm impedance. Thanks
If you can give a listen to the Cabasse speakers from France. I dont want to do any hype because I currently have a pair for sale. If there is a dealer in your area, you wont be sorry. Highly recommended.
I forgot to say that Wavelength Audio and Welborne Labs have a nice list of high sensitivity speakers to consider from various companies on their websites.
The Soliloquy 5.3's are exceptional speakers from my experience. The fit and finish is A-1. I bought a pair about 5 months ago in maple and they just keep getting better. They do require a long break in. Alan at Audiowaves is a dealer and seems very knowledgeable. I didn't get mine from him but the stuff I did get was good as well. You can call him at 800-510-4753. Good luck.
Check the Silverline Sonatas or Sonatina's both can be had new for under 6k in their most expensive finish. They are 93 db efficeint and their impedance never drops below 7 ohms and they sound sweet.