Hi-rez using Rega and E. Electric Plus DAC

I have followed the Rega vs Eastern Electric Plus Minimax thread with a lot of interest. They both sound like great options for someone who is trying to go the MacMini - DAC route on a budget. However, I understand that the USB on the Rega DAC cannot accommodate hi-rez files. I may be exposing my ignorance here but questions I would like some help on are:

1) What type of cable/connection works well to play hi-rez files from the Mac-mini into the Rega DAC?

2) What type of cable/connection works well to play hi-rez on the EE?

3) Will there be a significant cost difference to effectively use the Rega to play hi-rez files?

If performance and price are comparable between the two DACs it seems that the Eastern Electric may be a more economical way to enjoy hi-rez music. Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks.
I'm using the Rega with a Musical Fidelity V-Link converter, which cost all of 99 dollars. A new version out costs 189 dollars.

So far no issues, but the unit is on loan. I'm getting one on Christmas day and will review carefully. But based on my two experiments with it and the reviews it's all you'll need. Using the V-link had no negative effect on the signal path that we could here on my system or my friends.

Signature sound is having a special deal on the Rega according to their facebook page, but I don't recall the details.

i have the minimax, using coax with ref recordings hi-res files. the sound is a bit better than a well recorded 16 bit cd.
I use the mac mini with a Hiface USB spdif (RCA) converter to the RCA digital input of the original Minimax. Great sound. I have used the optical digital out (glass fiber)to the minimax and to my ears it is not quite as good. The cost of the Hiface is well worth the money and into the minimax steps it up a few notches. The BNC connection is said by some to be better.
Thanks for the replies. This new world of DACs and hi-Rez is a little intimidating. It's good to know that I am not going to have to cough up an extra $500 to get good hi-Rez performance.

I have never even heard a hi-Rez file and am probably setting my expectations too high on how good it could sound versus standard CD quality. Nevertheless it is an exciting time to be getting back into the hobby and I'm looking forward to giving it a try.
So far I'm not a true believer in hi res and here's why....

1) I hear minimal differences in the best cases
2) There's a good deal of science pointing to the fact that 24 bit differences are inaudible using the same recordings. Often the difference heard is due to a change in the engineers and not attributable to bit depth.
3) There's just very little available. In fact, the amount of stuff out there is beyond lame.
4) CD's, 16 bit files and LPs can sound stunning given the right gear.

That's my impression up to now. My friend has been messing with hi-res for a lot longer and he's lost interest because there's so little available. I'll be trying more high res downloads and comparing to their standard CD tracks soon. Until then...I move forward with low expectations.

Robbob. Those are very interesting thoughts on hi-rez. I haven't heard it but after reading bout it was expecting angels to descend into my living room and levitate my chair once I played it. It sounds like I should dial back my expectations!