Hi-rez music - why should it cost more?

Is there any technical reason hi-rez music should cost more?  When recording in Pro Tools, you have a choice in a drop down menu to choose the bit depth and sample rate.  Other than a larger file, what's the deal?  The cost differential is next to nothing.
None it's what the market will bear and so far it's borne it. I have bought zero high rez recordings nor will I ever. Tired of a million bald faced attempts to get people to buy the same freaking music over and over.
jond nailed it! Reselling the same music on CD to the people who originally bought it on LP is what kept the record companies afloat through the 80's and 90's. There is NO justification for charging more for 96/24 than for 44.1/16. It costs no more to manufacture an SACD that a CD, yet look at the price differential. Utter bs.
Great answer, jond!!  And from a technical point of view, studios have been mastering 24/96 and 24/192 files for quite some time now. IOW, the music is already hi-rez.
You pay for perceived value, not for cost.

Sales and marketing 101.

If you sell products based strictly on manufacturing cost you are leaving money on the table. Remember that when you ask for a raise, or make something to sell. :)