Hi rez: Led Zep and the Beatles

Any word on much need hi-rez remasters for these two supergroups? SACD?
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I second that. My Kingdom for Led Zep SACD!!!!
The last Zep release How The West Was Won is out on DVDA which doesn't bode well for any SACD releases.....
Add 1 more hoping for these bands to go SACD. I think the Beatles will be perhaps the band that contributes mightily to end the format war between DVDA and SACD, because about 10 million players will be sold when their catalog is released in a new format.
Cross your fingers, fellow SACD lovers!
What if one is on DVDA and the other is SACD, what will happen to format war?
Well...the only reason it was DVD-a was because it had a video portion to it as well...and frankly...a 30 yr old live tape isnt going to show the possibilities of either format...that being said...the audio is definitely passable considering the age...some songs...especially the acoustic versions of "going to ca" and "thats the way" easily eclipse the studio versions in many respects...like the stellar mandoline playing from Jones...others...such as "heartbreaker" and "immigrant song" are pretty lean...where is the bass? Also...Plant seems to be going through the motions on many tracks...but the band is sh*t hot...and Page is on fire...all in all...a great artifact from what was probably the greatest band in the world at the time...
Don't hold your breath as regards Beatles remasters. If anyone in charge gave a damn these things would have been done 3-4 or more years ago. We've had 20 & 24/96 remastering for at least 6-7 years now.
Hope this thread isn't limitted to SACD. I have LZep 3 and 4 releases by CLassic Records and 3 is nothing short of amazing. 3 has a lot of acoustic cuts are fabulously rendered on this LP. 4 is very good as well.