Hi-Res sources over HDMI or multi channel analog

I am currently using a multi channel analog preamp for SACD and DVD-A (McCormack MAP1), but with the arrival of transports with HDMI 1.3a output and receivers that accept uncompressed LPCM and/or DSD through HDMI it seems like the future has finally arrived and I can go all digital between transport and processer. However, this is still theory and I have seen not a single review of anyone running digital output from a SACD transport (or hi-res music from a Blu Ray player) into a HDMI 1.3a capable receiver. There are plenty of proprietary link (Denon, Meridian, Dcs, esoteric etc.) but standard HDMI 1.3a based is fairly new.

Has anyone experience using this with for example the new Sony SCD-XA5400ES on SACD, or playing music (live concerts) through a top notch Blu Ray player with processes, using standard HDMI 1.3a link, and compared this with running the same through a multi channel analog preamp?

My source/pre upgrade options are either regressing to higher level multi channel analog Pre (e.g Conrad JOhnson MET1 ot Audio Research) or bet on the future (i.e. Hi-res digital transports with HDMI 1.3a receivers). The third option is the proprietrary link, but I don't have Dcs, Esoteric kind of money to spend I'm truly inconclusive which way to go so all input / opinions are welcome.
I am testing the Sony now but I did publish comments about the Oppos and Pioneer SACD/HDMI players and I do believe that this is the preferred route. I had, prior to HDMI, preferred the analog connection via an analog preamp but no longer. In addition, I do not believe that it is wise economics to commit to a proprietary interface.

One point that I find relevant is that, if you use HDMI, you can utilize the sophisticated DSP capabilities of modern preamp/processors.