Hi Output MC cartridge recommendations?

Looking to try a Hi output MC cartridge that doesn't bread the bank - Recommendations?

Sumiko's Blue Point cartridges,Benz,
Dynavector 10X5 or DV-20X-H
1. Dynavector DV20XH
2. Sumiko Blackbird
3. Sumiko Blue Point EVO III
4. Denon DL160
lol. I thought this was the home theater forum! My bad.
Anyway, yeah, all of the above considerations should suffice. But then what is the rest of your table consisting of, and the rest of your system?
Luxman PD 277 table that has a Micro Seiki arm, Graham Slee SE 2 phono pre. Currently using a Sumiko Pearl MM cartridge.
Bang for the buck:bottom/top of the Dynavector family.
Definitely look into the DV 20X-H. It's DV's best HO cartridge currently.

I had one for a long time and loved it. I only replaced it with a very slightly used Dynavector XX1 high output. This was the predecessor to the XX2, which sadly only comes in a low output version.
Sumiko Blackbird, absolutely stellar.
Cartridge Man Music Maker is a stellar MM that comes up used for $500-600.