hi I'm italian

my favourite electronics are jeff rowland m201 and preamp concerto..but the speakers?...magnepan 3.6, martin logan ascent i, vandersteen 3a sign..this is the problem...I love classical and large orchestra and jazz..my listening room is very large..and mu budget is 3000-6000 euro..thank you for patience..and sorry for my bad english..
With the limited information you give, I would suggest very efficient European speakers such as Tannoy concentrics (several models), Living Voice or Beauhorn.
Hi, I'm not! There are several very good Italian speakers although I don't know what the cost would be in Euros, since the pricing is much different than the US price. There are very many good European electronics companies. Germany, France, and the UK offer some of the best available, but we really don't know what you are interested in, so it's hard to make recommendations.
Visit the Apogee Speaker users forum, we have members in your area with many models of Apogee speakers that you could give a listen.


These speakers are as good as it gets in large rooms like yours.

hi I'm French and I suggest JM Lab Electra 936/946. They can project well in big rooms and still have good bass thanks to their above-average sensitivity. They are also very articulate making them a good choice for orchestral music. Good luck! ciao - Arturo
dove vivi?
se vivi in Italia, perche' non compri le casse italiane per ascoltare la musica?
Cordiali saluti...
hi, I'm German and I suggest Sonus Faber! It's on your doorstep!
Even though I own Revel Ultima System I think that Sonus Faber is a true alternative - among others.
I own a pair of speakers from an Italian company named Strumenti Acustici Precisione (S.A.P.). They have an ecclectic lineup of speakers. The speaker that I own is the J-2001 with the twin woofers. This model may no longer be in production (S.A.P. claimed it was too expensive to produce). It is probably out of your stated range, even accounting for huge markup to U.S. market, but it would not hurt to make an inquiry.
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How large is an Italian listening room? Tom
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The major problem here is that most Italian rooms are very "lively" rooms, to say the least. Plaster walls and tile floors.

Comunque, suggerisco che ascolti alcune diverse marche, tranne Sonus Faber, Opera, e alcune altre marche europee. Siccome sono state disegnate in europa, funzioneranno meglio nella sua stanza.

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perchè non prova Sonus Faber, suono meraviglioso e fatto in Italia.

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