Hi, I have several black lacker box set, THAT ARE DAMAGED. some just need touch up ?

Hi anyone ever figure out how to match these high gloss vinyl Box sets from the 1980 , that get dinged or finish paint gets chipped. THANK YOU.
What are you talking about?
Hi , sorry I should off added Vinyl Box sets that usually hold 2-4 LP ,  that come in Black Lacker paint. The paint gets chipped  or scratched. Also the corners of the Top cover get broken. so is there a kit someone can buy to repair these. These some items I have bought from others. any help thank you. My Apologies for not mentioning Vinyl box set in the title , silly me , Thank You
Um, get some high gloss black lacquer paint and touch it up.
carp, the op isn't looking for black lacquer paint, he's looking for black lacker. I think I may know why he's not having any luck. ;-)
Depends how bad the dings are.  If they're small, just try a touchup with a black Sharpie pen and don't look too hard.  Once you start with paint, you run into blobs and it becomes more obvious.  There are touchup kits for cars available with blob removers, but, not knowing what your box sets are made of, I couldn't say whether it might be damaged by the chemicals.  May be best to just put them in some nice plastic sleeves and prevent additional damage.  
Black sharpie ink is not actually black. It’s a dark blueish purple and sticks out like a sore thumb against a black background. 
The OP needs to learn how to write posts with meaningful titles. It’s hard to help someone who doesn’t bother. 
+1 sleepwalker .......7 responses in and I still can't figure out what the OP is talking about. 
I'm thinking they're like CD cases for his lp.'s and English is not his first language. At least I hope it's not.
Hi everyone, sorry for the confusion. I was referring to Vinyl Box sets that many came with a black lacker finish. Usually was a 2 or 3 vinyl record box set. I will take one , of many that I own to a paint store and get them to try to match it. Some of these Box sets are very expensive, so I don't want to make it worst. Thank you