Hi: I am looking at silverline Lafolia

Looking at speakers. The La Folia looks nice, wondering how they sound and what type of equipment-S/S and tube, cables ETC. Thanks so much.
I owned a pair of La Folias. They have a very transparent sound, huge soundstage, powerful bass, great mids. Highs and upper mids can be a bit hard with the wrong amp. They can be ruthlessly revealing, but are great with the right stuff.

I like them with tubes. Problem is that the designer can no longer supply replacement drivers for them, as Dynaudio is unwilling to sell to aftermarket speaker builders. They still sell to some (Merlin), but Silverline isn't one of them. Maybe he has worked this out since I owned mine, but I haven't heard otherwise. The other problem is that, at least on some of these speakers, they had bad drivers. One of mine did. I thought it was the amp clipping, but later found out one of the speakers had a bad driver. Alan at Silverline supposedly fixed it, but it went bad again.

What's even more interesting is that Martin DeWulf of Bound For Sound had a similar experience with a pair of La Folias he had up for review. He agreed they are a great speaker, but I thought it very unusual that he would have this problem also.

I can't understand how these speakers can still be sold with the lack of driver availability to the manufacturer. Anybody know more about this?
According to Alan Yun, the driver sourcing issue has been resolved. One of the latest BFS mentions this, and Alan Yun confirms it. IMO it's a fabulous speaker at the price point.
I posted information on the LaFolia a few months back. If you do a search under Lafolia you will find it. A quick recap—I currently own a pair and were told by Alan at Silverline that they work extremely well with high powered ss amps. I’m using a Spectron Musician II (500 watts/channel) The other important factor Alan mentioned was that with the rear firing woofer, it’s best to place them closer to the back walls then one might normally do (about 2 feet away). In my room and with my equipment, Cary 306/200 CDP, Audio Valve Eklipse (tube pre) and the above mentioned Spectron, the LaFolias offer very deep, tight bass, open, very natural mids, and quick, non-fatiguing highs. The sound stage is very large and quite deep. Good Luck.