Hi guys, a tube amp for my micro utopia be

I just bought a gryphon atilla for my micro be, but find it was a failure, wanna change to tubes.
Here's my list:
Jadis DA88sorDA60 if possible
Cary 300 sei can be run as well as my headphones,but dont know it will match micro be or not.
Cary aes six pacs plus ae-3 mk2, (heard great comments about it)
Mc 2775 or
anything else can be recommended. I'll be very appreciate
Hi Saviourwin, if you're looking for a beautifully built, reliable & nice sounding tube amps which will amply drive your Micro be's have a look at Ayon's class a tube amp which are beautifully built & made in Austria, or there is a Leben Cs-660p tube amp for sale on AG at the moment for about $6k (40watt stereo). I personally really like Leben's CS600 integrated amp (32watt stereo) if you wanted to go down the integrated path. There are a couple for sale on AG for about $3.5k. Have a read of the reviews of that amp, they really are a terrific value. Hope that helps!
Might be wrong idea for micro utopia.
Could be Marakenetz, it depends on space, budget and personal preferences..
Will, thx guys for your advise, however, what if only choose from my list?
Jadis or Cary or Mcintosh?
Thx again for your help
very interested in cary 300sei
wondering wether it can drive micro be or not?
room 4*3.5, Music type: Vocal, pop
Hi Saviourwin, in respect of the Jadis DA88s, before thinking seriously about that option, first have a read of a service report from renowned Audio Engineer Dallas Clarke (www.clarkeaudio.com). Once on the site, click on the "service" menu option, then scroll down to the write up entitled "Defy Logic". Enough said. In regard to Cary, I dont know a lot about their gear, however if considering a 15 watt SE triode amp, also have a look at a terrific amp which Dallas designed in consultation with Vactron in Australia - the KT88SEB. The KT88SEB is a 15 watt pure class a SE triode with some pretty hefty trannys on board ($4k new w/5 yr warranty). You'd be ordering from Australia, but the US dollar is stronger to the AU & Dallas's work is superb. He has been working on tube amp designs for over 20 years. (I offer the disclaimer that I know Dallas, but I can unoquivicolly recommend his work & great service).
The Cary six packs look like a bargain & obviously have more power, so no surprise it's a class a/b design at that pricepoint. I dont have any personal experience with them however. I couldn't find any information on the MC2775. Is that a Mcintosh?
Of those 3 manufactures and Ive owned Focal uptoias along all 3 makers of tube amps I would buy Jadis..None of the models you selected/ but given the really small list thats where I would go.Now if you want to expand the list there are better options
Thx for your advise Missioncoonery, and i'd like to know what're the better options.

Thx again Melbguy1, I'd choose cary 300b mainly because it has a headphone jack also, and sorry about my mistake, it's Ma 2275. The Mcintosh tube integre.
What headphones RU using?
Aiming for the piece for the headphone jack vs. none can be leveraged by getting compact high performance headphone amplifier that will be SUPERIOR to a headphone jack.
Marakanetz, agreed. High quality headphone amps come up for sale for reasonable prices regularly on AG. Choose an amp regardless of whether a headphone amp is onboard. What is your budget & power requirements?
Cary sounds great with JM Lab/Focal....I've heard V12s, etc. on them many times and always a synergistic combination.

I would probably look for a used V12 vs the newer 120S btw.
Thx guys, coz my buget limits to $6000~
I also consider Mcintosh 2275 in the price range.
I know it's a risk to take cary 300B coz it only has 15W and in my price range, YBA would be another choice.
A little bit confused right now.
Hi Saviourwin, personaly, I think 15 watts is a bit lean to drive your Focals. There is a Vac Renaissance 70/70 on AG at the moment for about $4k which was a $16k amp and looks stunning. The Vac will give you plenty of power & wonderful tone. If you're looking for more speed and bandwidth to bring out the potential in your Focals, then look at Ayon's Class A amps which fit that bill (eg: Spirit 2). I would have put Vac's current line in the same category (ie: fast, detailed), but that's out of your price range. Overall, I would rate Vac or Ayon higher than Cary given your budget.

I see nobody is chiming in for the Mc, so here are my 2 cents: I drive 3-way 90 dB speakers (vs yours at 89) with McIntosh MC275 and love it. The 275 is essentially the same amp section of the 2275 you listed. The 275 drives the speakers very nicely and to my ears without strain. You can certainly get more with more power than 75 Wpc, but then 75 Wpc is certainly more than 15! BTW, the 275 is said to actually deliver 90 Wpc, but I couldn't show proof of that claim.

I hope this helps...some.