Hi, Goners Sota Saphire tonearm, cartridge match?

System: Primaluna integrated amp, Triangle Comet EX speakers, Nordost Blue haven cables,Bryston 3b amp, Bryston BP 25p preamp, Harbeth 7ES-3. I enjoy listening classic rock, jazz, classical music in moderate volume. I like well detailed, precised sound, broad soundstage, lack of coloration and natural bass presentation.
A friend of mine is using the Lyra Dorian on the same turntable you have, with fantastic results.
Hi, thanks for information, what arm would match this cart? Cheers.
The last time I heard the Lyra Dorian it was mounted to a Michel Tecnoarm and it was spectacular. That was at Hollywood Sound in Hollywood, FL., Larry who owns and runs the place is one of the most knowledgeable people you will meet. Analog playback is not a sideline in that shop, it is a huge part of the business. Give him a call, well worth your time and effort. Also Bill Feil of Audiofeil is another shop deep into analog playback. Both will guide you honestly in the direction that will get you the biggest value for the dollar spent.

In my opinion the Tri-Planar tonearm is arguably the best you can use, but the is rather pricey. Also any of the Rega tonearms work very well indeed and are priced right.
Hi, thank you very much for competent advice. I will try to collect more data before making any final decisions, happy gooning! Cheers.