Hi gain phono preamp reccomendations

I need a MM phono preamp with lots of gain. I figure based on all the other parts of my system (cartridge output, the fact I use a passive linestage) that I will need a good 50db gain. I also want it to have a low impedence output under 100 ohms. I will be using a fairly long output interconnect as well. (10 feet) The Grado is almost enough gain and low impedence out but I think I would like something a bit nicer and with more gain. I do prefer tubes as well. The Hagarman Coronet is a little light on gain and has too high an output impedence. I can't afford a CJ Premier which would be nice as well. So if anyone knows any pre that fits these needs let me know. I have done a lot of searching and keep coming up empty. Thanks in advance.

If you're not familiar with George Wright or the Wright Sound phono preamps, they may have what you are looking for. I believe the WPP200C has around 60db gain.
Thanks for the link to Wright. I am going to choose between it and another. All the best to you-