Hi-Fi TV?

When I watched 2 UK dudes test-driving some cars either very slow or very fast; very small and very large etc on television show called top gear.

Is there any similar found on TV for HIFI? Should Mike Fremer open his own channel?
Excellent idea, why not suggest it to him?
Much more interest in cars than HIFI. A super small pecentage of the population is into audio. How many people do you know that have any real HIFI gear? Sad but true! !
There are much more people with great audio gear than Nismo or Ferrari Spider owners.
It doesn't have to be "real HIFI" at all just like folks showing all kinds of cars and evaluating these.
If Michael Fremer only cares for $30k+ turntables, that's different story, but otherwise, there are plenty of people owning $500+ turntables and other interesting sound gear.

There used to be a radio HiFi show but it went the way of the do-do due to lack of public support.