Hi Fi Tuning Supreme fuse-Burn In?

I've gone through the Hi Fi Tuning line of fuses starting with their Silver and then on to the Classic Gold.
I recently purchased the the Supreme.
The Supreme does everything I hoped it would but as with anything in this crazy hobby, there's seems to be a trade-off.
I'm getting more clarity and air but the presentation seems to have an edge or sharpness to it.
If everything was just slightly more-should I say organic?-I'd be one happy man.
I have about 60 hours on them.
Will more time smooth things out?
The Gold's are definitely smoother but they lack the air and clarity the Supreme's provide.
Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Congratulations on your modifications. Certainly a lot of thought and effort. Nelson does encourage the audio community to take his First Watt designs and see how they can be improved. 

I do still hope you will try the Synergistic Research Blue fuses in your amp. It is a simple experiment to perform and the cost is only the cost of return postage. The results will be informative reguardless of the results.

David Pritchard
Infection580 posts12-06-2018 7:05pm
Geoffkait: HiFi Tuning fuses like all fuses are Directional

HiFi Tuning fuses are not directional. I was told this last year by Bernd Ahne from HiFi Tuning.

>>>>That’s so funny I almost forgot to laugh. Why do you think HiFi Tuning published the Data Sheets showing evidence that all fuses are directional, including listening tests? Hel-loo! Maybe your German English language dictionary was broken.

Until somebody can actually explain to me what those things are doing I'm sticking with my Bussmann. 
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