Hi Fi Tuning Supreme fuse-Burn In?

I've gone through the Hi Fi Tuning line of fuses starting with their Silver and then on to the Classic Gold.
I recently purchased the the Supreme.
The Supreme does everything I hoped it would but as with anything in this crazy hobby, there's seems to be a trade-off.
I'm getting more clarity and air but the presentation seems to have an edge or sharpness to it.
If everything was just slightly more-should I say organic?-I'd be one happy man.
I have about 60 hours on them.
Will more time smooth things out?
The Gold's are definitely smoother but they lack the air and clarity the Supreme's provide.
Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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I was trying to keep it light. It’s the same pack of rats continues to enrage tiresome debate over the effectiveness of aftermarket fuses.

How do you deal with one who denies, refuses, opposes, skeptical, cynical about something?


Ok... Since you asked what Pass though of my build, I'll quote it. 

- Nelson Pass. 

FAB is short for fearless amp builder. 

Go look up the F5T article. It examines boosting the output of the F5. The first suggestion is just dropping in a transformer with 24V secondaries and putting some sinking on the input JFETs. He goes on to explain you don't absolutely have to cascode the input JFETs because all known j74 parts don't typically break down until you get close to 40V on them. That's exactly how I built mine. It's not really some radical perversion of his design if he describes exactly how to do it, is it? Deleting the current limiting wasn't my original plan. 

I've been up inside that thing and done all kinds of stuff including redoing the grounding scheme. Unlike the Pass built amps, mine has a big ole noise filter network and a dual fuse holder in the IEC/switch/fuse module. Its a pretty good one, too, just short of medical grade. Little things like fuses make no difference at all. 
@lalitk - Depends(occasionally, my derisive snorts cause a small leak).