Hi-Fi Tuning gold fuse on Parasound

I picked a pair of Hi-Fi tuning 5A fuses for my Parasound HCA 5 channel amp (only for the front channels). After giving some burn-in time, I noticed the fuses add an extra brightness to the sound. This makes the sound a little forward. But this adds a sense of realism and dimension. Does anyone have experience using these fuses on Parasound gear.
No experience with Parasound but I had just the opposite result with the HiFi Tuning Silver Series on a Chinese Classic 6.1: it tamed the stridency while becoming more transparent with tighter mids and bass.
The Classic, no doubt, needed more improvement than your Parasound, but who would have guessed?
The sonic characteristic of a fuse inserted in the wrong direction is overly bright or harsh, relatively speaking. If the sound seems overly bright then perhaps the fuse(s) should be reversed.
The fuses have burn-in time of around 20 hrs. I tried reversing the direction. In one direction, the high end just opens up at the expense of mid base giving an unbalanced sound. In the other direction, the mid range and dynamics are very good, but the high frequency is tamed and has a silvery tone to it. I tried the stock fuse, it sounds good on the entire frequency range, but has more grain/noise compared to hifi fuses.
Your experience is the opposite of mine with the gold. I hear increased depth and texture, a slight midrange warmth without haze or detail obscuration, music congeals better, and the highs and bass are not truncated.

I wonder if you are unmasking another weak link? Not sure what is going on. Give it some more time in the position you perceive to have a good midrange and dynamics. A raw top end does benefit from settling time.
I've tried the gold fuses in 3 components with small but worthwhile improvements . The slow blow fuses have a resister in one end so direction is important on those . Resister side goes down stream according to Harmon . I usually stay away from anything silver , it can have some goofy affects .
If you have two fuses you might try reversing them one at a time if you haven't tried that already.
Parasound does have 2 fuses for each channel, both of them point outward now (as suggested by parasound support). I will try reversing each and see if the top end benefits from any.