Hi Fi Tuning Fuses & Ayre

Has anyone installed Hi-Fi Tuning Fuses or other upgraded fuses in his or her Ayre C-5xe cdp or K-1xe preamp? If so, which fuses and what changes did you notice in the sound?
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Hi wish I could, but my dealer did this work for me. He stocks the hi fi tuning fuses and is a Ayre dealer, so maybe he can help you out? If you're curious send me a note off line...Thanks
Just open it up and see...or if you're lucky, they put the fuse in the female IEC receptacle. I have HiFi fuses in all my gear. Same results as jfrech above.
Are furuteck fuses directional? If so, besides inverting direction and listening to the difference in sound, how do you determine correct direcion? Is the difference more noticable after about 100 hour burn in?