Hi-Fi Tuning Fuse for NAD C352?

Does anyone know if the NAD C352 integrated amp, uses a fuse? If yes, can it be replaced by a Hi-Fi Tuning fuse? I have this amp, but have never opened it up.
If anyone has experience with Hi-Fi Tuning fuse and NAD, can you please share?
I owned the C352 for a short time and I've used those fuses on several pieces of equipment. Bottom line is it isn't gonna be a noticeable improvement for you! Maybe on ARC reference gear or Krell/Levinson/Mcintosh etc...not on an NAD C352! If you can get a Krell 400xi even, maybe then you would notice improvements, granted your front end and speakers/cabling is up to snuff.
Thank you for your inputs Dave_b. Much appreciated.
My Speakers and SACD player with the Signal Cables are very musical. It is just that sometimes you want to try some small tweaks here and there.

Believe me I KNOW the urge to try and improve a system! Sometimes what we have is good enough...at least for now.

I cannot speak for NAD gear, but I replaced three fuses with silver fuses on an AMC integrated amp which is built in the same factory as many NAD products and is sold at essentially the same price point. All I can say is "WOW!" It made a big difference.
Do you know where in the NAD amp are those fuses located? Does the AMC amp have similar layout as the NAD?

I do not know where the fuses are located on the NAD C352. I took the top panel off the AMC integrated and could see three fuses within easy reach.

You can get a service manual for the NAD C352 here:


That might help.