Hi-Fi Tunig Fuses & Parasound A21

Have any Parasound A21 owners replaced the stock fuses with the Hi-Fi Tuning fuses in their amp? I understand that there are four 8A slow blow internal fuses and one 12A slow blow fuse on the rear panel. This is a awesome amp as-is. Just my curiosity.

Please share your experiences.

Not Parasound but I have replaced every fuse in my ARC PH7, Ref 3 and ARC Classic (tube) monoblocks with HI-FI tuning fuses. None are ever comming out!
I did not put them in all at once. I did them one at a time and moved on to the next. They even worked great on the Maggie speakers. I know what I hear and none are comming out!

Len W
Replace the AC Main fuse first, and if you appreciate the differences that makes(a VERY likely probability); replace the rail fuses as well. Happy listening! BTW- NONE of my HI-FI Tuning fuses are coming out either.
Thanks Len and Rodman99999.
Roadman99999, I like your idea of first replacing the AC Main fuse first.
BTW, what differences did the fuses make in your systems?
The best way I can describe the difference is, "more organic". ie: Vocals sounded more as though they were coming from an actual body(chest resonance), upright bass had a woodier body resonance, I could hear more skin and stick on drums, could sense more of the rosin in the sound of bowed instruments. One probably wouldn't miss these things, if they never listened to live music(or, at least, not often or closely enough).
I agree with Rodman 99999, also Maggies are known for the ribbon tweeter with outstanding high`s, the fuses gave an obvious improvement with even more resolution way way up in frequency, that was a pleasent supprise.
Len W

Glad to see you are thinking about this upgrade. Agree with the above description of benefits in general. I realize these are a fairly spendy add-on, especially if you are replacing multiple fuses. But for the benefit I think they provide in terms of improved sound, I am surprised at least some high end manufacturers do not specify them as OEM.
Thanks again guys. I would start with the AC Main fuse first then.
Given this option for the A21 is it the same on the A51's?