Hi-Fi test

ok so i think i have a decent system. which cd, test or otherwise do I want to buy to finde out.
Any CD that will move you emotionally, audio shouldn't be about technical mumbo-jumbo it should be about reproduction of music that will allow you to connect to the music/musician unlike you have before. That being said I strongly suggest checking out Eva Cassidy "Live at Blues Alley" if you are not moved by her performance your not there yet :^)
Dunno, but maybe "Elements of Style" by Strunk is available on Redbook?
I was up on a ladder, fiddlin' w/ something, radio on in background. Song comes on, female singer, old-time song I vaguely recalled. A few bars pass, the sound goes from background to laser-focused foreground. Climb down from the ladder, get a pen and paper and await the back-announce.

Nice voice, phrasing like Sinatra or Elton, hits the notes w/ perfect pitch; hair-raising emotional impact. Order the CD within the hour.

"What a Wonderful World", Eva Cassidy, from the album The Tireguy mentioned.
Tireguy, Totally agree, except re Eva Cassidy. His system could be fully mature and need no further tweeking, but if one doesn't respond to Eva Cassidy (even on a boombox) then its the emotional aspects that need further work, a lot of it! :-)
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You are bad.
I caint stop laffin.
sade ,love deluxe,,,,
Actually any cd that previously did not move you emotionally but now does. And any previous cd that did move you emotionally should now leave you a bit dumbfounded.

There are far too many cd's that will sound somewhat flat, 2-dimensional, closed in, grainy, lacking in bass, warmth, detail, etc.. But with some systems these very same cd's sonics and presentation will just come alive possibly even surpassing the sonics and pleasure your previous best reference cds provided.

On another note, I must say that I typically obtain greater pleasure from redbook cd rather than SACD. Not that I have many SACD's but I don't believe I'll be buying any more either.