Hi-Fi Show????

I went to Home Entertainment 2001 (formerly the Hi-Fi Show) in NY today. I was very disappointed because there was no Mark Levinson room or Jeff Rawland room or Pass. Actually I expected much more exhibitors like the NY show 5 years ago. what happened to the show? Any political or financial reason not to join the show for the Hi-End Audio brand?
Ever hear of Red Rose? Pass is out of the biz
Who needs those guys? I heard alot more impressive equipment without the price tag.
I was at the show on Friday and there were lots of great systems to see and hear. The show is expensive for exhibitors and some companies were absent, but overall, I'd say it was a great show and I had a marvelous time. Hey, did anyone catch the Wilson/Spectral/MIT demo at the Innovative room, or those wild diaphram-bending line source speakers, Airfoil, from Impact? Those were two of the best of show in my view. There was also a good looking 2-way system ($5,400/pr.) by Roman Audio on the 2nd floor that was shockingly adroit at reproducing violin, and acoustic guitar and bass. The speakers use a new patent pending capacitor-less crossover technology from DiAural LLC, owned by Ray Kimber and Bruce Bastian. Loads of other cool things too. It was a bit crowded though, and the elevator system was somewhat inadequate to the task at hand. Still, I had a great time and got to see and hear tons (literally) of amazing cutting-edge gear.
Clamps- I believe you are incorrect in stating that Pass is out of business. Red Rose is Mark Levinson's (the man not to be confused with the company) new venture. Levinson closed down Cello but Cello has recently re-emerged with new ownership. As far as Pass Labs, I have heard nothing and publications such as Stereophile would undoubtebly have made mention of Pass's closure.
Where was Aerial, Infinity, Mcintosh, Meridian, .Headroom , Singer, Niro Nakamichi , had great displays!