Hi-Fi Shop in Colombia, SC

Will be in the SC area in Jan and was wondering if there is a good Hi-Fi shop?

I can't even imagine visiting Hi-Fi shop in Columbia SC.
From personal experience, I can tell you NOT to go to Upstairs Audio. I purchased a $450 used CD player from them, was told it was still under warranty and that they would honor that. When it stopped reading CDs 2 weeks later, they refused to honor their word. The owner told me (no lie), "I am not responsible for what my sales staff tell customers."
Hi Wig, I am an Audio hobbyist and I live in the surberbs of Columbia S. C. and one would have a better chance of finding any type of Audio shop much less a good one in the Arizona dessert than in Columbia. The closest city that has good Audio shops is Charlotte N.C.
Sorry, I wish that the news was better.
Thanks Guys!
Sounds like an opportunity for someone!
Amazing how people post things when they do not know what they are talking about!
There is a Hi-Fi Shop in the 5 points area in Columbia SC.
Upstairs Audio
746 Harden Street
Columbia, SC 29205
in Five Points
803-256-EARS (3277)
There is also a pretty good vinyl shop across the street.
I went inside Upstairs Audio, although it was many years ago. The only reason I remember it was because it made such a completely forgettable impression on me the moment I did - I'll just say that about everything you could imagine to violate the concept of a "professional" audio salon would apply...

Try and see what's happening in Charelston these days.
If I were to start audio biz in Columbia I would hardly find a few customers. Makes no sense at all.
Charlotte Charleston OK.
Rafr, for your information, I was born in Columbia, graduated from USC and lived in Columbia for a total of 52 years so I do think that I do know something about what I am talking about concerning Audio shops.in the Columbia area. I have been in the audio hobby for 50 years. I lived in Southern California for 17 years and have been to Audio Shops in San Diego , Los Angeles and San Francisco so I have seen some of the best Audio shops in the US. I have been in every Audio shop in Columbia that I was ever familiar with on many occasions and I stick by my original post. This is merely my opinion in answer to the OP.
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Dukes is excellent (been there), and Read Brothers Stereo in Charleston is the best stereo shop IMO...super knowledgeable and nice. Ask for Tom, Marian, or Bill...wish every town had a Read Brothers.