Hi-Fi Power Conditioner ?


I ready to dump my Panamax line conditioner for a real PC and need some pointers on which one to buy? $2K is definitely out of the question, this will be used for my Belles 150A Ref Amp, Tube pre, Dac, Transport, Plasma, DVD and VCR. Used is a good option.

what price range is in question? i picked up a used bpt 3.5 signature for $1300 and it's made more of an impact on my systems noise floor than any other power conditioner (monster, panamax, exactpower) i've tried in the past.
PS Power Plant Premier, used between $ 1.2 and 1.5 I would guess. A little advantage on the side, you can loop the antenna through as well.

Attention if you intend to leave everything switched on at the same time: check the overall power requirements in particular the plasma in order not to risk revving up the ventilator of the PPP repeatedly (I noticed this is what MAY happen in my system when I activate amp, preamp, cdp, lcd, bluray and dvd at the same time - standby is not an issue though)

Good luck
Power Plant Premier by PS Audio is magical. ($2,100 list...less at Underwood hi fi.) If you can't do that, a close second would be the Quintet conditioner. (List $695.) Both make a HUGE differernce over the Panamax! You'll be amazed!
I have an APC S-15 which also has battery backup and it's truly amazing. I have terrible power from the grid, lot's of surges, brown outs and fluctuations in power and this really levels everything out. It made a much bigger difference than anything else I used including Monster Power, Richard Gray or Panamax.
Richard Gray makes a good technically sound pc for a fair price, assuming that what you need is an ac grunge eater. An industrial priced isolation transformer on the upstream side like the one Krell man noted (Sola makes a good one too), follwed by an RG 400 would be a pretty sweet set up to pretty much cover all the bases for not ridiculous $'s. I'd probably buy one (whichever is cheapest) and then evaluate before buying the second component. Much depends on what type of power problem you have (incoming line fluctuations or noise, grunge produced by one stereo component effecting others, etc.).
Oyaide outlet, Richard Gray Substation along with RG600 pole pig works great for me.
Between them they improve the music and video, protect and extend the equipment life with clean steady power, and help stretch the amp draw from a single outlet.
I recommend a PS Audio Power Plant Premier for your digital end and a Shunyata Research Hydra 6 or Hydra 8 for your amps. If you can't swing a Power Plant for the digital end I recommend a PS Audio Quintessence (on sale right now on AudioAdvisor). It's what I use and the noise floor has dropped away dramatically. Super quiet.
BPT would be a good choice, if you can find one used. They do a lot of things well and for the money are tough to beat. They are also very well built.
I agree with Macdadtexas. I also own an APC S15 power conditioner and it is the best purchase I have made in many months. You don't want a blackout damaging something in your system. And the sound is good too! Priceless is not an exaggeration.
A third for the APC units. I have had the S10 since the month it was introduced on the market, and it both protects my equipment and manages not to do anything audibly negative to the sound of my system. Until last year the unit protected not only my stereo but all my home theater components as well.

I once read a review of the APC "S" series that mocked other power conditioners whose owner's manuals intructed the user to unplug the power conditioner during storms. That was quite hilarious - due to both the jab and the fact that someone would make a power conditioner that wasn't safe during a storm.

At any rate, the APC unit is fantastic, and with it you can rest assured your equipment is about as protected as it can be from nasties coming over the power lines.
Furutech e-TP80 AC Power Filter. Great filtering, no protection. Priced right(less than $600?). I have used used 3 of them, in two systems, for years.
Hey Y'all,

Here’s a third vote for the BPT. I've had the 2.5 in my system for the last 6 years and it is the only piece of equipment left of the system I originally had when I purchased it. It made the sound come alive and it has saved my system on two occasions from being cooked by lightning. I went from PS Audio to Richard Gray to the BPT and I will not change again.......John
That's easy - Shunyata Hydra's with 20 amp Helix cords - One of the Best - FOR SURE !!!!!!
Make your own power conditioner with some Gold ByBee superchargers... http://www.tweekgeek.blogspot.com/ and some SR Teslaplex ac outlets
Majik Buss - under $600

Huge improvements across the board. Well worth the money.
Free in home audition might be still available.
Check out the link to the AudioCircle thread at the bottom of the page.
That is how I found out about it first hand.
It never made it back to the vendor.