Hi Fi or Not?

I don't recall seeing any Yamaha (or Marantz) gear on this forum, but they both have some pretty expensive gear that I would expect to sound excellent.  Does Yamaha (or Marantz) show up to the audio shows?  Who is their target audience since it seems like most audiophiles lean towards more boutique brands?  Here's some of the current top end gear:


C-5000 Preamplifier ($10,000)

M-5000 Power Amplifier ($10,000)

CD-S3000 SACD/DAC($6,000)

GT-5000 Turntable ($8,000)


PM-10 Integrated Amplifier ($8,000)

SA-10 SACD/DAC ($7,000)

TT-15S1 Turntable ($1,500)


I had the exact same system. I got it through the Kenwood rep (he used to sell me 420) at half off retail. I also had the tuner too. I was using Rectilinear 7 speakers.


You are right. Everyone thought Marantz was richer looking but they always sounded muffled to me. 

the kenwood gear or the 420 at half of retail???  lmao

i am sure he is a friend for life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Back in the 90's one of my cousins had a Marantz stack.  I thought it sounded ok but he was obsessed with it.  He would waffle on and on about it to anyone who gave him even half and ear.  Was much better than the crappy cheapo Hitachi system I had though.  It was all I could afford at the time.