hi fi in wall cable

anyone use hifi in wall cable. If yes give me your impression and the brand that you use. What im searching for is a deeper and louder bass whit transparent and open mid and hight
I have 25ft of speaker cable going through the ceiling to my front, left, and center flanking a built-in plasma in the wall.

I replaced the generic 4 wire cable I had in the ceiling with Kimber 12TC cable - I definitely noticed a slight improvement over the generic speaker cable.

Overall though I still didn't get the crispness and fast transients that I had been accustomed to in my old residence when I was using 6ft of Kimber 3038 (all silver cable) to my speakers.

I ended up getting a new amplifier - the Spectron Musician 3 because of its remote sense capabilities.

I had a bunch of unused coax cables going to my plasma and Spectron agreed to send me diagrams for how to connect these up for remote sense capabilities.

I was so impressed I purchased a second Spectron so I could run my left/right speakers with a monoblock for each one.

The connections for hooking up remote sense to the coaxs in monoblock operation was a bit tricky (I didn't get diagrams for this config)

But once I did - its quite phenomenal - the amplifier may as well be connected directly to the speaker - the transient attacks are just that sharp.

Its not clear to me now if it was even necessary to upgrade the speaker cable in the first place, its possible I may have been able to use the stock cable. Although, I do remember Spectron saying somewhere that the cable has to be of a certain minimum quality for the remote sense to do the trick - not sure about this.

But in any case, the Spectron monoblock with remote sense is the best possible solution for "removing" long cable runs and should outperform the best of speaker cables