Hi Fi in The Mechanic movie: what brand speakers?

Kinda neat that Hi Fi was in the movie. Can anyone identify the speakers and tube amp? I thought Energy or Triangle but not sure...

Turntable was Project RPM 9.1 or 10.2, integrated amp was a Jolida, cannot ID the speakers tho...
( http://www.pinnaclespeakers.com/bd1000lg.html )
Right on Rodman, do you own these?
HA...I just watched that tonight...noted the closeup of what looks like an Ortofon 2M Red on that TT...and noticed the speakers for a split second near the end. That was some esoteric product placement.
No, I don't, but used to be in the speaker building/Hi-End business. Staying in touch with the industry, and what's out there, became a habit. Happy listening!
If you pick apart the speaker placement, you'll find it to be very hollywood...when the whole thing goes up in flames, there is a decent wide angle shot from above and the right channel is shoved into a corner, bracketed by exterior glass walls...would not have been my choice for sure!
What about the dweeby music he plays?
Ooh good question - who can ID the music?!?
Franz Schubert - Trio in E Flat Major, Op. 100
I guess it was "dweeby" in the context of the film as I normally like Shubert.
I'm impressed (maybe). Did you recognize the piece or wait for the soundtrack credits? I always liked Charles Bronson's: "See Venice and Die - 30 second time delay farewell to Jan Michael Vincent" . Jim Morrison put: See Venice and Die in one of his musings.