Hi-Fi can be less expensive than anything

My modest by audiophile and outrageous by other standards set-up cost me about $7000, would've cost $15000 had everything been bought new. Not counting records, blank tapes and cds of which I don't have too many. Spread it over 15 years and it is less than $40 per month. That's nothing. Even if you triple this figure it will still be almost nothing.
Oh, I dunno. Ask the guys with the Contunuum turntable or the $15,000 Koetsu cartridge or the $102,000 Walker Audio turntable if they think it's an expensive hobby.
Inna, my system cost analysis is similar to your’s and I agree completely regarding the enjoyment I garnish for the money spent.

Most of my friends think the ~$8000 I have invested is outrageous, however most spend $60+/ month on a signal to their TVs. Now that’s outrageous!

To each their own.
I am glad you did not use the word 'investment' in your analysis, some audiophiles do. The only investment it is in relates to person's joy and happiness. Hey, its only 'stuff'.
Hey, its only 'stuff'.
Just sold my Michell turntable to cover vet bills for my parrot attacked by cat. I can sell that thingie with no regrets, but not friends tho...
Priorities and perspectives. It should only matter to you and to heck with anyone who looks down on you or questions you.

I've recently started collecting some rather beautiful French knives and some friends at work seem taken aback by their cost but I just smile and look at their purchases: shoes, purses, bikes, pets, not to mention the sheer size of them (one of their favorite hobbies appears to be food).

All the best,