Hi-Fi can be less expensive than anything

My modest by audiophile and outrageous by other standards set-up cost me about $7000, would've cost $15000 had everything been bought new. Not counting records, blank tapes and cds of which I don't have too many. Spread it over 15 years and it is less than $40 per month. That's nothing. Even if you triple this figure it will still be almost nothing.
Plus enjoying music is probably good for your health.
It's less expensive than going live music and sometimes sounds better
And a great deal of the money is still "there"--you can get half or more back if you ever sell. Unlike a car that's ready to trade in.
My two new systems - both portables - cost me a grand total of $30 including earphones. More money for software. Hahahaha!
Totally Agree.
Everyone deserves to have a good hobby or more After all, they are perfect avenues for unleashing some much needed creativity. Nevertheless, some hobbies come with an exaggeratedly expensive price tag. I just Google "25 most expensive hobbies to have" and Hi-Fi is not one of them.
My wife always support Hi-Fi upgrade to save money.
Oh, I dunno. Ask the guys with the Contunuum turntable or the $15,000 Koetsu cartridge or the $102,000 Walker Audio turntable if they think it's an expensive hobby.
Geoff, an even less expensive portable system would be a Dixie cup. Place the bottom to your ear and the open top to your neighbors wall or floor. (for apartment dwellers).
It will basically be in mono and you need to share the same tastes in music..... but hey
Inna, my system cost analysis is similar to your’s and I agree completely regarding the enjoyment I garnish for the money spent.

Most of my friends think the ~$8000 I have invested is outrageous, however most spend $60+/ month on a signal to their TVs. Now that’s outrageous!

To each their own.
I am glad you did not use the word 'investment' in your analysis, some audiophiles do. The only investment it is in relates to person's joy and happiness. Hey, its only 'stuff'.
Hey, its only 'stuff'.
Just sold my Michell turntable to cover vet bills for my parrot attacked by cat. I can sell that thingie with no regrets, but not friends tho...
Priorities and perspectives. It should only matter to you and to heck with anyone who looks down on you or questions you.

I've recently started collecting some rather beautiful French knives and some friends at work seem taken aback by their cost but I just smile and look at their purchases: shoes, purses, bikes, pets, not to mention the sheer size of them (one of their favorite hobbies appears to be food).

All the best,
French knives? Folders or fixed blades?
HiFi can be less expensive than anything. It can sound that way, too. :)
Douglas, where is your analog front end?
Inna, they are folding knives of the slip-joint variety.
The first type I started with are laguiole knives and now I'm working on
capuchadou knives .
Both are modern interpretations of the centuries old French peasant knives.

I'm afraid to say I've gotten hooked on them. :-)

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I find it an expensive hobby. For me to upgrade my system where it would make a noticeable difference I would have to spend at least 10k.
I see, very nice looking knives. I prefer fixed blades, though have two folders too. All custom, handmade American. I wouldn't call it collecting, I use some of them but not all. Buy maybe one or two knives a year. Now that's expensive, about $500 a piece on average, and that's second hand but not used. I enjoy sharpening them on a natural Arkansas stone, that's music to my ears, and I do sharpen by ear. Kind of hi-fi too! Every knife sounds different on the stone.
Anyway, yeah, records and cds can really ruin you financially especially if you want original pressings in mint condition. I try to be very selective and keep only what I listen to often enough. Sometimes there is a track or two that I really like, that's where my Nakamichi deck comes into play. No, it can't take everything that my Nottingham table is capable of, but often it is close with Maxell Vertex tape. The deck just can't give me the same soundstage, though not bad at all. Varies from recording to recording, of course.
It's an expensive hobby if you buy expensive equipment. It's not an expensive hobby if you don't. Benefits of a graduate-school education. Cars are not expensive if you buy a Nissan Sentra.
You've made excellent point. To me bathtub made of solid gold serves same purpose as one made of plastic.
Taters, you must already have a great set-up. Ten thousand especially in used dollars is a lot of money.
Expensive gear doesn't hurt the wallet as much when purchased used.
Being an audiophile is never going to be a truly cheap pursuit. Equipment is only one element and probably the least expensive. A serious music collection can easily cost multiples of what is spent on equipment. Plus you have to consider the real estate element. At a certain point most people begin to realize the importance of the listening room. The true costs of a dedicated listening room with even a small amount of acoustic treatment will be greater than the price of the equipment. I knew I was getting serious when my real estate living decisions revolved around listening room considerations.
Well if you bring real estate in, then it does become very expensive. As for me, I don't need a dedicated listening room - good size living room is just fine.
There is a lot that you can do with furniture, curtains, books and carpets. No it won't be perfect. When I want and can afford perfect I'll ask Michael Green to fully tune the room. Besides, if you are not living alone your music should be available to others. With dedicated cave-room it won't be really.
Inna, your music being available to others is one of the best comments ever made on here!
Inna, I, too started out trying to find traditional American folders and found this site that I think you might find interesting. Canal Street Cutlery caught my eye as they are former Schrade employees who started their own shop using old fashioned American methods. There are many fixed blade knives as well as folders and some of the blacksmiths are at or near the top of their trade.

I thought you might find it rewarding, or at least tempting. :-)

All the best,
Nonoise, thank you. I get all my knives from one dealer - Nordic Knives in California - and almost always select blades made by mastersmiths. My preferences are Jim Crowell, John Fitch and Harvey Dean. Take a look at the Dean's website - great pieces, top quality and true artistry.
Schubert, thank you. Having said that, I also understand the need to sometimes escape into a dreamland and dedicated listening room can help. So maybe the best solution is to have two set-ups in totally different rooms.
When I did not live alone, none cared about my music or equipment till it played to ask to lower the volume or to shut down no matter how loud/quiet it was. Therefore got headphones and completely understand those with dedicated listening room so that none will tell to lower volume or to shut it down.

It should be available to those who desire I believe. To me it was a battle to grab a few square feet of listening area to place equipment that could only be used when none's home except me.
The whole point of a dedicated room is that it can be optimized for sound quality. As far as being a "man cave", take a look at some of the pictures in the virtual systems section where any number of people have aesthetically wonderful looking rooms. For me I don't readily allow people access to use my primary system, but my music collection is playable in six different rooms of the house. Wireless tech does make this convenient. In the end loudspeaker based systems need physical space to perform their best and whether you rent or own the cost attributable to this requirement can be substantial.
Czarivey, I sympathize. I never found myself in a situation like that, but I always have to self-regulate. I can't play loud music after certain hour, not only because it is an apartment building but because others want to have some quiet. I could have a dedicated room, the second room is not really used and it's not small, but this wouldn't change much. But sometimes I just say that I am going to play this record now and I am going to play it loud. Yeah, but one record not five in a row. I use headphones too, mostly at night, but you can't compare. Besides, with the phones on my head I am asleep in fifteen minutes at just about any volume.