hi-end in Spain

I am going to visit Barcelona for Easter, is there any Spanish hi-end fan to suggest me any Hi-end shops or clubs to visit ?

thanks in advance.
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Check the pages of "Alta Fidelidad" magazine, I buy it at
Borders. There are quite a few stores in Barcelona. Unfortunately my girlfriend threw away last issue so I can't supply any further information. You may want to check
on the international dealer for the brands that you like,
also try to search in Yahoo-Spain. It will be in Spanish so
you may want to try "Alta Fidelidad, Clubes de Audio, Equipos Estereofonicos" to do your search. Hope this helps. Hector Pedrosa, Esq.
thanks hector
Try http://www.werner-musica.com/ one of the best hi-end spanish shops. They are located at Fontanella, 20 and phone number is 93 3021792.

Hope this helps.