Hi End Fuses

Looking to get thoughts & opinions on using hi-end fuses in components
Is there validity to these fuses? do they truly make a sonic difference?

There's  a current thread covering  this very topic.
It was started by Oregonpapa about the   Synergistic Red fuses and it contains  many opinions and  listening  impressions of this  and other  fuses.
You may find it  quite  helpful.

Here is a link to the thread that charles1dad is talking about.
thanks so much--just read it--seems like there is something to it--

YES!!! They do make sonic enhancements.  To what degree, depends on your gear. I have been using HIFI Tuning fuses for over 5 years in my rig and recently installed a Supreme series fuse in my Modwright DAC. I wouldn't say that difference is day and night but what you hear is nothing short of 'amazing'.  

Whatever brand you pick, you will hear improvements over a stock fuse.  

Happy listening!!!

Yes wrong forum for this sort of question.

It's like asking that someone can give a "tech-talk" to why do Shun Mook (B. Mpingo Disc Room Acoustic Treatment Devices) make a difference. ( I swear there was a difference when I blutac'ed one to my forehead when I listened)


Cheers George