Hi-end Audiophile grade USB switches

Looking for guidance on which companies make any ultra high quality USB A to B switches in the market place and anyone's experience with them. I need to be able to choose between two different USB sources outputting into one USB input on my DAC. Need one that imparts virtually zero signal degradation and without any sonic thumps when switching between USB input sources. Thanx! Mooncrikit

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Thanx for your links but those all address ethernet switches, none address USB switching...
Sorry! Maybe that channel delves into your question, though. He's a smart guy with sober judgment.

Hello MoonCrikit, I do not have a solution for your question, but a question myself. May I ask for your expertise and guidance? ow can I connect my music collection on a FLAC USB to my pre-amp listed here? My sound system is an early 80s ‘stack’ system.

None of the components are digital: Bryston 2B solid state amp, Conrad-Johnson PV-11 pre-amp, MIT 330 interconnects, MusicWave phase-equalized speaker cables, California Audio Labs CD Alpha and Delta drive, Dual 1129 turntable. B&W 803 speakers.

I would appreciate your suggestions and guidance on the matter.Thank you.

Mark Saracino

Get yourself a USB to SP/DIF converter or a USB Dac then take the dac analog out to an input on your preamp
You're going to need some way of getting the FLAC files off the  USB hard drive/flash drive whatever you have them on unless you have them on your computer and connect your computer to the DAC.