Hi-end Audiophile grade USB switches

Looking for guidance on who makes any ultra high quality USB A to B switches in the market place and anyone’s experience with them. I need to be able to choose between two different USB sources outputting into one USB input on my DAC. Need one that imparts virtually zero or as minimal signal degradation as possible and without any sonic thumps when switching between USB input sources. Or maybe an alternative way to accomplish this as well! Thanx! Mooncrikit

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I use this one. https://www.amazon.com/Sabrent-Computers-Peripherals-Indicators-USB-SW30/dp/B074TYDJK2

It's just a data switch.  Why would you presume any magic is needed?

Thanx for the link. Not following the 'magic' reference?
kr4, This switch you recommended has terrible reviews and in many cases caused damage to the equipment it was connected to so my search continues...
Those are disturbing experiences and, although they constitute less than 10% of the comments, cannot be ignored.  Remember though, you would expect a much higher response rate from dissatisfied users than from satisfied users.

I do find it hard to imagine.  The device has worked silently and positively for me and I used it in both directions. 2in-1out and 1in-2out.  Just works.